Look out, Slim: Xbox 360 Elite showing $299 in new Walmart ad


"It was all but inevitable that Microsoft was going to hit back at the PS3 Slim with its own $299 120GB console, and while we're still waiting on official confirmation Microsoft, this purported Walmart ad clipping sure seems to know where the Xbox 360 Elite is headed. Watch out, folks, the video games aisle at your local big box retailer is about to get spicy."

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clixx333557d ago

Way to be desperate there Microsoft...
Anyways, this won't affected the PS3 Slim sales, now that their equal in price, the Ps3 offers much more than the Elite and that's how the consumers will view it.

GiantEnemyCrab3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Desperate? LOL! MS isn't the one getting beat month after month. Which console is the only console to show YOY growth again?

If you listen to the twisted double-speak around here you would know the 360 is actually a $650 dollar console when you put in all the add-ins. So MS has been beating Sony with a much more expensive box.

Of course this argument only applies when there are no sales numbers around and then it's "the 360 is half the price! of course it outsells PS3".

thereapersson3557d ago

The 360 is the dominant force this generation.

When people think gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is XBOX. Last generation, it was Playstation. Sony let this gen slip by a bit too far.

Desperate to match Sony or not, if this is a permanent, concrete price cut, this holiday season will be very interesting.

BTW, if Sony would include a headset in their console, they'd be in a better position in terms of online gaming.

Trollimite3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

if the clerk misleads the client to belive that the xbox 360 has more to offer (like they did to my gradma)an UNIFFORMED consumer might make the wrong choice.

but no matter how you spin it the ps3 does have more to offer, and therefor is the better system to buy

chaosatom3557d ago

It's the same price, LOL.

Salvadore3557d ago

"Way to be desperate there Microsoft... "

When did pricedrops suddenly become a matter of being desperate?

plum303557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I like how when Sony cuts the price its NOT out of fear, but when M$ cuts the price their apparently "afraid". I thk people are confusing fear with common sense. I'll try and make it as simple as I can. "IF COM-PE-TIT-ER DROPS PRICE, THE OT-HER COM-PE-TIT-ER DOES THE SAME" Look Sony's doing JUST FINE. Why people feel the need that M$ has to fall for Sony to succeed is beyond me.

FlipMode3557d ago

LOL! Look out slim! Yeah Im sure Sony shaking in their boots....

skwidd3557d ago

Sony always had a 10 year plan and its going accordingly. They dont just react immediately to the competition. Where as Microsoft is. That shows fear because of a weak long term plan. Sony should have all the momentum with all the games coming out. Unfortunately they have to fight through an economic slump.

Also, both systems are the same price, one offers more features.. which would you pick?

Double Toasted3557d ago

you are absolutely correct...

topdawg1223557d ago

"When did pricedrops suddenly become a matter of being desperate?"
When they announce a price drop 3 days after competition, thats when a price drop becomes desperate

xjxdoggggy3557d ago

how dare you!!!!! speak....the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone...finally sees it! i didnt think anyone on n4g actually understood....that ps3 is..NOT WINNING THIS matter what u say on here its always spun off in some way the ps3 is actually winning in some odd nutty way...for someone to say msoft is DESPERATE?!
bcuz they had a price drop? LOL who went outta there way to redesign there system and pretty much forced to drop the price? xbox? and the is wrong with you people?!....and to make matters worse after i made sense pointing out the 8 to 9 million console lead microsoft has over sony ..i got PMS like this from totally idiots lol

5 hours ago | By: alexM | Block
It is over for suck box 360
HAHA bot still thinks X360 has any chance in console war??

PS3 will sell 100m lifetime just like PS2`

x360 wont even hot 40m lifetime

x360 and 54.2%

also PS3 and x360 are equal since 54% x360s have RRODEd

and here is the second one

4 hours ago | By: alexM | Block
Re: It is over for suck box 360
u are a suck box 360 owner

sucker PS3 has a 1m lead over suck box 360 in europe

u saw tyhe GDC slides

also X360's base is less than 15m since 54% x360s bought have died

Now u can bid x360 goodbye after the 299$ PS3 SLIM launch

just see Kijiji or craiglist to get an idea about how many people are selling the crap box 360 to get a SLIM PS3

PS3 will do 150m this gen too

Just see the SPIKE it gets with the SLIM model

X360 days are over

It wont reach 40m lifetime ...who will buy an x360 now over a SLIM 299$ ps3???

x360 is at 15m now since 54% of other x360s have died

No one buys x360 anymore in any part of the world now

It is fully finished and maybe in USA too. we will have to wait for NPD

It wont reach 35m at the end of this year or 40m lifetime

this is why...i hate hate hate sony fanboys.....and i own all 3 consoles....and bcuz of this site reading all the crazy things the sony followers say...its like i HATE the ps3 now bcuz of these people

i own 92 xbox 360 games
8 ps3 games
9 wii games

wtf happend to the gamers?!

Headshot813557d ago

MS should try fixing their sh!t first. Still not buying one.

shingo3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"look out" what? there's even no comparison here in terms of features, let alone hardware reliability, and i don't wanna go thru comparing the two's 1st party games.

for 299$, choosing the slim is the only sane, correct and healthy decision.

even social workers and hygiene experts would tell you this, lol.

Sitdown3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

So let me get this think that Microsoft was blind sided by the ps3 slim and the price cut? Seriously? You can't be serious. And you also think responding to your competition is a sign of fear and a weak long term plan? Here is a thought.....what if Microsoft, like the rest of the world, saw this coming.....and made it a part of their plan to respond a long time ago...I mean there does seem to be a trend in video games since the dawn of time. Okay, just to sum things up....Sony staff said that people would get a second job in order to purchase a ps3....and in the years since its launch it has dropped in price $200 to $300; where as Microsoft has only seen a $100 to $200 price drop since launch. And I am not exactly sure why you bring up the economic slump...because since the ps3 is the better value of the systems, according to you..they should do just fine right? I mean MS is in the same economy right?.....not to mention that MS has been doing fairly decent without having any major titles drop recently.

There is no denying the value of the ps3 at this price point....but lets not try to turn a simple price drop into fear....why you ask? Because the Elite would simply be selling at the price point of one of Microsoft's original launch units, where Sony has officially abandoned its launch prices, while taking things out of each SKU along the way.

GUNS N SWORDS3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"Way to be desperate there Microsoft..."

that's like saying that sony was desperate first just to catch up to ms.

look, every product gets a price drop every now and then, soon it will be Wii's turn.

BADBOYEK43557d ago

You say Microsoft is Desperate I say Microsoft is smart,the average parent will still thinks $300 is to much money for the PS3 and the XBOX360 Elite. Now these parents can buy the XBOX360 Arcade for $199 that comes with free Games and a extra $100 to buy more Games, This is a very smart move by Microsoft.

ABizzel13557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

@1.1 aka Giant Enemy Crab

I'm sick of this MS is the only console with growth on a year to year basis. That statement is BS because Sony is too. Year 1 PS3 sold 9 million consoles. Year 2 PS3 sold 10 million consoles which is a growth over the year before. Now on year 3 the PS3 has already sold 4.5 million consoles and with the lower price drop we can expect Sony to yet again have a year over year growth.

Do a little thinking and research of your own for once people, and stop going by what some fanboy posts on n4g all the time. The only reason that statement:

The statement being "360 is the only system to see year over year growth."

has any truth to it, is because the first half of 2009 the PS3 was selling less than what it did in 2008 (which isn't year over year that's month to month so whoever started that mess needs to be called but anyway). Secondly the Wii and DS have done such huge numbers that they have nowhere else to go, but down. I mean that comment would be useful if the 360 was in the lead, but it's not. Finally the PSP Go is being released and those who want the new system have no incentive to buy the 3000 (except price) which is why PSP sales are down as well.

Oh and lets factor in one more thing MS is doing better than they did last year, because of the same reason Sony will do good this year..... Haven't guess it by now, well here you go. They had a price drop in September taking the Arcade from $279 to $199. And now a new year has started giving MS a full year of $199 price, vs. last years 4 months of $199 price.

So end your silly YOY comments. Everyone is doing good, and that's all that matters. Now to the main point. MS did this so they wouldn't get crushed by the PS3 this holiday. It's a good thing for consumers, but not MS. The Arcade is still the cheapest, and most consumers (at least most parents) flock to that system because of it's $199 price, so there's not going to be a major outcry for a $299 Elite since the Xbox 360 has been cheaper than $299 for a while now. It'll get gamers who have a PS3, but want a Xbox and in the long run it is the better deal, but it's not going to do anything to really boost sales.

My question is this what are they going to do with the Pro? I think the Pro should become the arcade now. It doesn't matter, because I'll be upgrading to an Elite now.

Jaces3557d ago

Why would that affect anyone when they could have already bought an Arcade since it's been out for a good while now.

dragunrising3557d ago

I read the article hours before it hit n4g and KNEW it would put SDF into a fury. Why is everyone so defensive and hostile to a price drop? Price drops are FOR the consumer. How is the consumer worse off in any way? This is good news for anyone that wanted a 360 with more storage and reliability (Jasper...cough). If the 360 and PS3 didn't try to out compete one another on price, our consoles would be more expensive. Competition is good people. Stop being cheer leaders!

CrazzyMan3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

It was the only way to do for M$, if they wanted to sell those models.

I mean, what advantages 399$ costing elite is having against PS3 slim at 299$?
Who in right mind would get 399$ costing x360 elite?
399$ costing PS3 was getting a lot of criticism,
now some 399$ costing x360 model..., come on.)

BattleAxe3557d ago

This video gives some good information on the XBOX 360...

CrashFallen3557d ago

hopefully people who dont know any better get a kick in the brain by someone who can show them which console to buy and that offers more bang for your buck when their at the retail store lol =P

The Wood3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I think 'ABizzel1's' got you there. a year is 12 months to be fair;(

Personally I couldn't give a rats ass about year on year sales numbers.. I care about year on year GAMES and the 360 despite all the 'double speak' about it having the best games has had just about ef-all all year.....Ill take last place a more games over 2nd or 1st with less games ANYDAY....why....cause im a mot**r f****n* gamer thats why and i get pissed at myself when i occasionally get sucked into this sales crap like i somehow benefit from it.

Prototype3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I'm more concerned how Gamestop will try to sell the 360 now...

GS -> Get the 360 its better!

Customer - > How, the ps3 has what I need?

GS -> I need someone to pwn in Halo 3

Customer -> But I don't like Halo

GS -> Uhhhhhhh, well the ps3 slim is actually on back order anyways so It's another 3-4 months with how high demand is (knowing they have some in the back)

Customer -> Oh I didn't know that, ok I'll get the 360

likedamaster3557d ago

PS3 might have bluray but most new gamers thoughts are on Gears and Halo. And now that another great shooter(Modern Warfare) has joined the ranks the trinity is complete. There will be blood this holiday season.

Sez 3557d ago

i sense a lot of fear in the sonyfanboys on this site. looks like the price drop of the Elite have you guys really worried. else it wouldn't bother you guys that MS is droping the price of the Elite but it does.

randomwiz3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"360 is actually a $650 dollar console when you put in all the add-ins. So MS has been beating Sony with a much more expensive box."

The wifi add-on alone is $100, so Microsoft is just overcharging for their add-ons. I don't think adding wifi costs 1/3 of the price of the ps3.

Sez 3557d ago

Let use the same logic for the ps3. Ok let's start with the new. Slim model. $300. We all know Sony like to claim you can connect the psp to the ps3. But since they are promoting the psp go $260. Oh let's not forget that the ps3 don't play ps2 games. So that means you need a ps2 $99 just to play your old games. Oh the ps3 don't come with headsets. For a decent one let's say $50.-???. Depending on what want to spend for a good one. That comes out to $710-more. And I didn't even add the price for HDMI cabels.

next time try alittle harder. ok ;)

jadenkorri3557d ago

I dubb you x360 fanboy of the day for that comment....

randomwiz3557d ago

That was a completely failed attempt. A PSP is not an add-on to the ps3. Neither is the ps2.

"And I didn't even add the price for HDMI cabels. "
LOL, what did you buy HDMI cables for? I suppose if you were going to factor that in you would've have used monster cables?

"the ps3 don't come with headsets. For a decent one let's say $50."
Its a one time fee, and for $50 you get a really good headset that will last you some time instead of having to pay $50 every year for that plastic headset with live.

For all the people that argue that live is worth it... its really not(I used to think it was, but psn really made a comeback). At the end of the day, they both let you do what you need to do.

rubarb233557d ago

hmmm, how soon ps droids forget their console was the first to drop it's price TWICE IN ONE YEAR! but that's not desperate right?

LOL, I'm loving those '360 is dead', 'it's over' comments now that the ps3 is $299. Really!? last time I checked they're getting the sh!t kicked out of them month over month.

But you know what, I'm really happy sony dropped the price of the ps3 to $299. Now when the 360 continues kicking it's ass, i'm wondering what the excuse will be....stay tuned folks

LOL, 2009 is the year of the ...Shut the f*ck up b!tch - it ain't happening this gen.

Domenikos3557d ago

BUT... same price, different quality

Easy choice... right ;)

Alvadr3557d ago

Not good for Microsoft. Dropping the price so soon after Sony is signaling that they are scared and didnt have confidence in their original price point.

rockleex3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

For waiting two years to finally drop their price a second time?

Microsoft dropped their price last year and Sony did nothing. Sony sat by watching as Microsoft's sales started to rise and match, then eventually surpass Sony's sales.

Sony drops their price this year when it was, finally, financially viable and Microsoft responded a few days later with their own price drop on the EXACT SAME DATE of Sony's PS3 Slim release.

Microsoft did not even wait a month, to see how much impact Sony's price cut has, before making a good business decision on whether to cut the price or not. That shows you how little faith they have in their own products.

THAT is what you call desperate.

pain777pas3557d ago

Getting an xbox now is just stupid seriously. You get more bang for your buck with the PS3 hands down.

Sez 3557d ago

yes sony is desperate. "For waiting two years to finally drop their price a second time".. second time. try three times. two of which was in it's first year. remember the ps3 cost $600. now they drop the price again and it's $300. now. i swear sonyfanboys have selective memory.

2) sony is desperate to drop the price. because they are being left behind by the wii and tghe 360. and sony desperate need sales to prove to the gaming industry. that they can still pull it out and become the leader. as they done two gen's before.

3)sony is desperate- to prove to it's investors. that the ps3 can still make money. instead of losing it. hence 1Q report where sony hid their failing ps3 sales. but sonyfanboys will claim they restructured it since the beginning of the year. sony was losing money on the ps3. and the investors aren't happy. so sony is force to drop the price of the ps3.

thats why sony is desperate.


you say wifi is needed with the 360. but it's not. and wired is far better than wifi. we all know this. but you say ps3 don't need the ps2 and psp for add-on. here where you are wrong.

not all ps3 play ps2 games. unless you brought the launch models(20gig,60gig, limited 80gigs) you have to buy a ps2 to play your ps2 games. there is no BC for the newer models or the slim for that matter.

what about the psp. just like HD-DVD,wifi,ect aren't needed for the 360. but sonyfanboys want to always include those thing in. the same goes for the psp. no it isn't need with the ps3. but games can be loaded to the psp from the ps3. also curtain games like AC2 can get special weapons that are not found in the console version. that can be added to the ps3 version. thats what was said by UBI at E3. so in turn the psp is needed for features like that.

so lets talk about live. 50 dollars a year. hum... try $35 if you shop around. and for 13 months of service. wow i can see how that could hurt sonyfanboys pocket. but will buy a psp go and spend that very money for a game they already onwed on the psp. yes PSN is free. but with the lack of features that live has. sony could charge if they wanted to. home sucks and making spaces to spend real money for furniture,cloth,homes,ect. isn't my idea of not trying to make money off it's costumers. just as you say MS makes you pay for things. so is sony.

randomwiz3557d ago

Just give it up, your points are pointless. You didn't even read my first comment correctly. Try reading it without your fanboyism.

First of all, the psp go and ps2 ARE NOT ADD-ONS to the ps3. So since the 360 doesn't play all xbox games, does that mean you have to buy an xbox as an addon to the ps3?

Jecht3557d ago

Ok, do you want to know why it shows MS is afraid? It's very simple. MS always acts based upon Sony's state in the industry. Here's a history lesson for you. Sony's only desperate price drop was their first one. The PS3 was WAY too expensive at launch (I bought one, a game, and guarantees on both and it cost me just shy of $970 CDN), and the only way to drop the price was to lower the cost of manufacturing it, which could only be accomplished through removing some features. Consumers DEMANDED a price cut, and at that time they really did have the right to. MS didn't need to cut the price of the 360 then because the PS3 was WAY too expensive.

Enter the PS3 price cut, new SKU's and bundles. At a higher price point, the PS3 was outselling the 360 globally. This meant that the momentum the 360 held was dwindling, and the PS3 was being proven to be something people wanted. Microsoft's stance in the gaming industry has ALWAYS been to beat Sony in people's living rooms. It started way back when Ken Kutaragi said that the Playstation brand would be so prevalent in households that it would dominate entertainment and make PC's an afterthought. Since Microsoft has the most successful OS around, they obviously couldn't have a game console ruining their nigh complete monopoly. And ever since then, the Xbox brands only purpose was to beat the Playstation brand. But anyway, the PS3 was beating the 360 globally, so MS reacted to that by lowering the price of their console.

Now, the PS3 is lowering the price yet again, thanks to smart engineering, and it is in a price point that the consumer base deems competitive and worthwhile. The PS3 has the most features, and is at a great price, and arguably has the best line-up this year and heading into next year. WHY WOULDN'T MICROSOFT BE AFRAID?!! Up until now, the greatest hurdle, as vocalized by the consumers, is that the PS3 was just too expensive. Now that it's not, MS sees the potential losses they WILL suffer, and so to counter that they lower the price of their console in an attempt to best Sony, or at the very least maintain a sense of momentum.

Microsoft is reacting to Sony. They are not being proactive. This move is purely out of a future of potential losses for them, and that's all.

But even still, the Elite is still half the console the PS3 is, and it is now no longer shipping with HDMI cables. So, do you think Microsoft knows this and has reason to be scared? I do.

Jecht3557d ago

Forgot to mention... If Microsoft wants to market this "includes HDMI port" garbage (even though the PS3 also has one, and the Elite no longer ships with HDMI cables), then Sony should market FREE ONLINE GAMING.

Sez 3556d ago

I think it's you that needs to give it up. I've read your comments. I think it's you that needs to take off your sonyfanboy glass and get your head out sony's @ss. Your trying to say 360 needs all these ADD-ONs. But the ps3 don't. GTFOH. I have a ps3. Let's start there. I can't play my old ps2 games on the ps3. My old ps2 barely reads the disks now. So what does that mean. You guessed it. I have to buy a new ps2.

But I also see you missed my point about special weapons in AC2 that will be exclusive to psp that can also be added to the ps3 version. Being that I don't have a psp. But want those extras. Wouldn't that mean I have to get it for the psp. Wouldn't that mean I would be wasting more money.

You totally missed the point I made. All you did in your comment ( as many other sonyfanboys done before you) was try to add thing that not needed. To Jack up the price to prove that the 360 is more expensive than the ps3. But want to dismiss anyone doing the same. None of the things your adding to raise the price. Will stop you from taking the 360 home. Plug it in and start playing. And as a 360 owner you should know that.

I rather pay for a service that has feature that I like and use.( hence you get what you pay for) than a service for free that lacks many things. If you and Sony want to prove that People could get more out of PSN and live isn't worth the price. Then offer the same and better features and people will switch. But when you offer [email protected] feature (home anyone) and takes you almost 3 years to provide half of what should have been day 1 feature. Just doesn't cut it.

PS: I hate playing MP games on the ps3. Because of lack of headset. And with the ps3 disconnenting because the wifi keeps loosing the signal. Doesn't make having wifi all that great.

darthv723556d ago

You need to realize that a consume will buy something based on their perception of value. Not the amount you get for the $$. I know that sounds absurd but it is true. We think people who buy the wii are not seeing the total package when they see it the way they want to see it. Yes it is a novelty but to them it has more than what we know it to be.

360 is a games machine with lots of marketing behinds it. Practically every commercial or paper ad shows a 360 controller in relation to the ad in question. Be it for clothing or furnature you sometimes see kids in the ad holding the controller while the ad may be really about the clothes or the tv or entertainment center being offered. Product placement used to be sonys marketing and now MS has adopted it in a stronger fashion.

Yes ps3 is a better value but consumers arent aware of that value in light of the games like madden and other popular titles shown on tv. I see the 360 box listed in front of the other platforms it is available on.

A consumer going to a store will see the 360 and know its intentions are games and look at the list of popular titles available for it (that are also on the ps3) and look at the accessoriues and see there is something for everyone in the family. Sorry but ps3 just doesnt have that family market value that general consumers are looking for.

I stand behind that statement in the view of a regular casual consumer and not the core people that frequent sites like this. Please know the difference!

PS3 is being marketed as a media player in my local stores (target/walmart) and shown next to other blu players with demo reels running of new releases. A consumer will see the power of blu and then go see there are other choices in that genre of entertainment from samsung, rca, insignia, memorex and the prices being cheaper. A mom looking for a gaming system for her kids will pick from the two main ones. wii and 360. A core gamer looking for a game system for themselves or for their kids will most likely pick the ps3 because they know there is more value.

It isnt about how much tech you get for your $$. It is about how much enjoyment you get for your $$.

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PirateThom3557d ago

Watch out PS3 slim, there's a 120GB console for the same price!

LordMarius3557d ago

but can it play my Blu-Ray movies?

Godmars2903557d ago

With less features, like wi-fi and native 1080P support.

tatotiburon3557d ago

or with the biggest blockbusters of this generation?....oh wait

PirateThom3557d ago

I think you'll find, the highest rated exclusive game on the HD consoles is on PS3. :)

Pistolero3557d ago

Really?...I just checked metacritic and the 360 still has a larger number of high scoring exclusives....and also has 21 games with scores 90 or above and the PS3 only has 13. I'm just correcting your statement. Let's face it guys...some people are going to prefer what the 360 offers and some will prefer what the PS3 offers...and that's great....the competition is good for the industry.

Mario3557d ago

LOL tatotiburon please tell me you wasn't refering tat comment to the ps3. So what massive blockbuster exclusives have you played on your 360 this year?? The only ones that spring to mind is a piece of halo (yet again) dlc and the not so definitive racing game of this generation. And they aren't even out yet! What the hell have you been playing?

So far this year alone ps3 has had killzone 2, infamous and mlb: the show, and will be getting uncharted 2 and gran turismo 5. All of them absolutely killer titles. So GTFO

IcyJoker1873557d ago

some of those games are on the PC arent they?

tatotiburon3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

oh the game that nobody cares about? with a 0.1 diference with halo 3 for example?...what about the biggest online comunnity? is sad that the online plataform with fees is bigger than the free one...or the crappy ports perhaps? bioshock, orange box two of the top rated games this generation for xbox 360, but the ps3 version? crapy as hell...and don't forget exclusive content and top rated arcade games like trials hd and shadow complex...

Mario this generation start this year?? no!, people who want a new next gen console wants to play all it games available, no just from this year.

The biggest game of this year Modern warfare 2...remember wich console have the biggest modern warfare online comunnity according to IW?

@icy: yes every pc around the world can run those games :s

ABizzel13557d ago

@ 2.8 aka Pistolero

There was no need to correct his comment. He said the highest rated exclusive was on the PS3, and it is.

IcyJoker1873557d ago

Once again another 360 fanboy playing sales, what else is new.

Mr_Controversy3557d ago

The PC market doesn't compete with the console market. ONLY the PS3 Defense Force say "aren't half of the Xbox 360 exclusives on PC?"

The funny thing is 100% of you don't even own a decent pc rig!! LOL.
Same thing can be said about the PS3, "aren't all those games ALREADY on the PSP? LMFAO!

Either way, the PC market belongs to MICROSOFT. Microsoft dominates the MAC like Microsoft dominates the Crapstation 3.

Built-in Wifi? Who cares, ethernet cord is better. Blu-Ray player? No thanks, looks like a DVD. Exclusives? No thanks, I can buy those on my PSP.

The $399 Xbox 360 Elite outsold the PS3 at $399, just imagine what will happen with the $299 Elite. If the PS3 Slim will need to be lucky to break the 250,000 sales mark. Too bad no one will buy it because it looks like a toy. Even the Wii looks more luxurious.

IcyJoker1873557d ago

your argument is crap so i wont waste my time

plus those pc games can be played on linux

Pistolero3557d ago

I'm a console I couldn't care less if some 360 games can also be played on the's irrelevant to me.

tatotiburon3557d ago

hahaha this guy is for real??...on linux? hahaha another fanboy who doesn't know s***.

Mario3557d ago

This is what you've done in your comment. You've admitted:

A) 360 has had next to no exclusives this year worth talking about

B) done the typical 360 tard thing and compared multi platform games (lol) cos they cannot compare exclusives and

C) told me most people will buy a 360 this year because 360 has a bigger modern warfare community. Right...... I don't think im going to have trouble finding people to play with on psn. We have a pret-ty big community. And whats more, we actually have amazing games this year

Ri0tSquad3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"Built-in Wifi? Who cares, ethernet cord is better. Blu-Ray player? No thanks, looks like a DVD. Exclusives? No thanks, I can buy those on my PSP.

The $399 Xbox 360 Elite outsold the PS3 at $399, just imagine what will happen with the $299 Elite. If the PS3 Slim will need to be lucky to break the 250,000 sales mark. Too bad no one will buy it because it looks like a toy. Even the Wii looks more luxurious."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
^LMAO. Wow..... Huge facepalm

There's no more excuses guys. People are grasping for straws now.

randomwiz3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"Exclusives? No thanks, I can buy those on my PSP."
Name one game thats exclusive to ps3/psp and plays the same

"Built-in Wifi? Who cares"
the people who don't want a cable running through their homes?

"Blu-Ray player? No thanks, looks like a DVD."
you obviously haven't seen a bluray disc

"The $399 Xbox 360 Elite outsold the PS3 at $399"
well, now the "elite" is just an upgraded pro. So now, its like the ps3 is the same price as the pro.

"Too bad no one will buy it because it looks like a toy. Even the Wii looks more luxurious."
fanboyism aside, try actually looking at the real thing

iiprotocolii3557d ago

@ tatotiburon

Your arguments are just hilarious. For one, yes, Windows games can run on Linux using a program called Wine. How do I know? Because I do it all tht time. Please call me a liar so I can upload some screenshots of me playing Crysis, World of Warcraft and BioShock on Linux. Pretty please.

Crappy ports of BioShock and Orange Box? Hm. Funny you need to bring up multiplatform games which exhibits the studio's own laziness (and yea, Valve is lazy). How about games like Mirror's Edge? In fact, I want you to name ANY game on the 360 that can compare with _exclusive_ titles on the PS3 like Ratchet and Clank Future, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Uncharted, inFamous, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4 (which won best looking game), etc. I mean, seriously, are you going to sit there and REALLY use your logic of fanboyism to even try to argue which console has the best exclusive games? Halo ODST looks, at the very least, mediocre. All I have to say is this: Uncharted 2 and God of War III. That should shut you up about "graphical superiority."

Your Modern Warfare argument only seems to justify the fact that the 360 doesn't have anything besides multiplatforms to hold on to. You sound nothing more than a desperate fanboy trying to satisfy your ego because the PS3 is outperforming the 360 in games and quality. Sales? I believe the Dreamcast had a year sales over the PS2 (and great games, at that) and the PS2 managed to rape it. Please... just stop.

@ IcyJoker187

"The PC market doesn't compete with the console market. ONLY the PS3 Defense Force say "aren't half of the Xbox 360 exclusives on PC?"

The funny thing is 100% of you don't even own a decent pc rig!! LOL.
Same thing can be said about the PS3, "aren't all those games ALREADY on the PSP? LMFAO!

Either way, the PC market belongs to MICROSOFT. Microsoft dominates the MAC like Microsoft dominates the Crapstation 3.

Built-in Wifi? Who cares, ethernet cord is better. Blu-Ray player? No thanks, looks like a DVD. Exclusives? No thanks, I can buy those on my PSP.

The $399 Xbox 360 Elite outsold the PS3 at $399, just imagine what will happen with the $299 Elite. If the PS3 Slim will need to be lucky to break the 250,000 sales mark. Too bad no one will buy it because it looks like a toy. Even the Wii looks more luxurious"

The PC market doesn't compete with the console market? Hm. Funny, I could have sworn that it does just about everything consoles do with the exception that it does a ton more. It plays games; it plays movies; plays music; has an online community; and it has a ridiculous fanbase - Yep. I think it does compete with the console market.

Since you think that 100% of the people here don't have a "decent" PC rig, tell me about mine:

Base: Intel Core i7-965, Asus P6T Deluxe V2, 12 GB DDR3-1600 RAM

Chassis: Lian-Li PC-P80 (my case alone costs more than your consoles)

Storage: 6.4 TB RAID-5 Storage, 3 x 300 GB WD Velociraptor, and 4 1000 GB Spinpoint's

Graphics: 2 x GeForce GTX 295 SLi

Power: Single 1000 Watt PSU

Now you tell me if my PC rig isn't decent. Microsoft is dominating Mac because Apple chooses not to make their hardware open for different flavors of operating systems. Microsoft does not dominate the hardware industry, bud. Microsoft dominating the PS3? Seems to me like Sony's been catching up slowly with their "steep" price before. It's cheaper now.

Who cares about buil-in wi-fi? People who don't like running cable from one room to another when wireless is much cleaner with the same performance. If you honestly think that Blu-ray looks like DVD, then you're probably the biggest fanboy on the site with denial. Find me one DVD movie out there that hits 1080p with uncompressed sound. Look through your entire list of 360 games and check how many of them use more than one DVD. That is the difference. I won't even continue to shatter your logic. You're an upset fanboy that can't stand the fact that Microsoft is no threatened by a system (again, like last generation) that has far better titles, better hardware, and better experience as an entertainment machine. Go play your ODST. I'll sit here and play Killzone 2 again... and again... and again.

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chaosatom3557d ago

Exactly. M$ doesn't want that.

Ninver3557d ago

lol true that.

This price cut won't do sh1t. everyone that wanted a 3fixMe would have bought it along time ago when the Pro was this price.

M$ are f$cking scared and it's showing. They are desperate for a quick sale. This is not the first time they have tried to sh1t on Sony's party brigade. Firts Killzone2 now this lol. F$cking loosers.

nycredude3557d ago

It still does cost more that the Ps3, unless the Elite comes with a wireless adapter... and didn't they remove the hdmi form this?