Sony Begins PS3 Slimline Assault on Japan writes: "It took a couple of days, but Sony has at last started its promotional campaign for the PlayStation 3 hardware revision in Japan.

Walking around the busy Shibuya area today, I saw massive retail displays at major shops like Bic Camera and Tsutaya. Here's a sampling..."

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Sunny_D4488d ago

Sony seems to do a lot of in your face advertising in their homeland. Kind of reminds me of Halo's marketing in the states. Hopefully, Sony can do the same worldwide.

chaosatom4488d ago

Just Slaughter them. :)

chaosatom4488d ago

All the 360s get shipped to America from here on!

Saaking4488d ago

NA is the only place where the 360 truly does beat the PS3. The PS3 is a much more well known brand worldwide than xbox.

cmrbe4488d ago

and thats why it will continue to grow beyond what the x360 is able to.

cmrbe4488d ago

ad was funny and creepy. I hope SOny will do better than that. What they need to show is games, specifically FF13 in Japan as much as possible.

frnkyl4488d ago

I hope Sony continues to sell really well from now on. Just as long as their ads don't cause stampedes of people rushing to get a PS3 all is well.

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