How The PS3 Slim Will Affect The Industry

The long rumored PS3 Slim was officially confirmed this week at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Since it's launch, Playstation 3 has been the most expensive console of the current generation of hardware, but after a few years on the market, and in light of current economic times, not a lot of people were willing to pay $399 for their console. Michael Brown of NoMoreGameBlogs looks at what the relaunch of the Playstation 3 could do for the industry.

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chaosatom3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

But that's the thing. The PS3 doesn't need that many "new exclusives" since the price of ps3 and xbox is now the same.

Mutliplatform games can also sell a console like MW2. MW1 was the reason I bought the PS3. Also sony can put some ads for LBP, or infamous, so they get better recognized. They are still great games.

The author mentions Uncharted 2, but he clearly missed GT 5. Plus Demon souls is also coming out. He missed that also.

callahan093563d ago

Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank Future: ACIT, and Uncharted 2 are all really important games to me, even if some of them aren't getting any media hype. Demon's Souls is my game of the year, so far, I played the Asia version for 114 hours and got the platinum. Brilliant old-school style game with some unique and innovative new-school features.

SoapShoes3563d ago

Don't forget Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Eyepet, and possibly Gran Turismo 5.

50CALheadshot3563d ago

microsofts strategies and viral marketing has failed.

the microbots have failed.

microbots: roll out n get da fuc outta here

cmrbe3563d ago

Sony will get that 13 million shifted this fiscal year.