New MAG Beta Info

We all know that the MAG Beta has officially started even though it is currently in a private phase with approximately 10,000 participants, but has just received some news about the current phase and future phases.

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Nick2120043559d ago

I am loving the Beta. I cannot wait for more PS3 owners to get their hand on with the MAG Beta.

Pennywise3559d ago

I keep getting(anytime of the day/night) THE SERVER IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Whats the deal?

Nick2120043559d ago

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 5-8 GMT & 5-8 PST

Pennywise3559d ago

that is what I thought. I should be able to play until 11pm eastern. Wtf is going on... should I reinstall it? This sucks, I want to try it. I try when I get home at 5pm and NOTHING. All the way until 11pm.

himdeel3559d ago may want to send a bug report via the beta forum on I'd also check the forum to see if there are any fixes for you. I was having this issue also for 30-40 minutes last night. Finally I was able to get in. Connecting to the server just really seems to be iffy.

GamerPS3603559d ago

Only FPS that I will be playing on console, rest is PC FTW.

ThanatosDMC3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Dont worry Drekken, i had the same problem. But i was able to play for an hour or so today. It's great! Paratroopers end up all over the place after the AA gun is destroyed. I was able to play after lunch.

Hellsvacancy3559d ago

The beta runs from 9am - 9pm - it sucks coz i tend 2 game around 9-10ish

shingo3559d ago

what's "scee lottery winners"?? does anyone know?

randomwiz3559d ago

I feel like im missing out on so much... im joining the mag forum right now and hopefully i get it on public beta

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NegativeCreepWA3559d ago

I want in, looks like I'll be getting Qore again.

Nick2120043559d ago

Isn't everyone besides people like me? :)

Nitrowolf23559d ago

wtf do you mean by "people like me"?
i got in the beta, and i do not think im anywhere near like you.

resistance1003559d ago

Enjoyed in the few hours i've managed to play so far. (thanks to having to do 15hours of overtime this week its been limited =/)

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The story is too old to be commented.