Hacking the Xbox 360 Tutorial

An amazingly easy to follow tutorial that takes you all the way from disassembling the Xbox 360 to installing the hacked firmware and backing up your Xbox 360 games, complete with pictures.

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ITR4490d ago

Not really.

If you want to pirate you will.

If you don't you won't.

Abilor4490d ago

I've certainly had a lot of fun with this info. If you can do it, I recommend trying it... Gotta have a kingly rig though...

Whoooop4490d ago

It is bad for any company if there are tutorials on how to hack their equipment, so they can play games for free..

"If you want to pirate you will.
If you don't you won't."

Not entirely true cause some years back the thought of pirate never crossed my mind until I started reading people's comments on how to do certain things and also by reading articles like this..

My point is that sometimes curiosity can be provoked by this kind of articles..

Since I was provoked I have been a very happy gamer :) Still waiting on some more reliable sources so I can hack the sh*t out of my PS3..

My best friend hacked the 360 and has already 20 games in about 2 months..

4489d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

more games for no price and a loss for warranty.

Keep in mind with a 360 its a bad idea since MANY 360s have overheated and got the three red light of death and such.

You have to admit it 360 does have a lot of issues, though its games are decent. 40 something % if i remember correctly, for the amount of defected 360s last time i checked.

Edit: It is also a bad idea to hack the PS3 after all blu-rays cost a lot right now and so do the burners, not to mention that I don't think there is a burning program out for burning blu-rays yet.
---correct me if im wrong about the program for burning blu-rays plz---

Im most likely gonna lose a bubble for saying that...

Whoooop4490d ago

Yeah there are Bulray burners already, but movies can be transfered from your pc to the PS3 HDD..

FeralPhoenix4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Hacking hurts the industry but hey that's life, anyway I thought the 360 had already been hacked about 6 months after it was released? -at least I remember reading a article about it. I suppose you can never really stop anyone determined enough to hack a product, I think 360 will still do fine.....I guess it will always be a battle to at least make it harder for hackers, obviously this will void your warranty but it seems as if their is some risk of being banned from Live also. I like how they offer all the legal warnings as if they really care....awww how sweet...and I can't believe they suggest if you're worried about problems buy 2 360's -lol, We'll see how this plays out.

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The story is too old to be commented.