OXM Hints New Xbox 360 Price Cut ?

It looks like the Official Xbox Magazine's twitter account could be hinting at an upcoming price cut for the Xbox 360.

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resistance1003562d ago

How are they saying a price cut is on the way? All they are doing is hinting at Microsoft that a price cut should happen

Guido3562d ago

They are currently the least expensive console on the market...

FlipMode3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Its called desperation.

Greywulf3562d ago

Folks.. people aren't in line waiting for the 360 to drop its price.. there aren't articles written about it for the past 3 years about how expensive it is.

Its cheaper than the Wii.

Price isn't the problem for the 360.

KingME3562d ago

The PS3 slim is "NOT" a price cut. The PS3 Slim is a completely different piece of equipment introduced at a lower price than it's predecessor.

I wish they would stop being sloppy and calling this a price cut.

joydestroy3562d ago


couldn't agree more.

RememberThe3573562d ago

They CUT the price of the 80Gb and the 160Gb PS3 by $100. That is called a price CUT.

Mr Brownstone743562d ago

hope the price does drop though. love your Patriots pic. Go Pats!

soxfan20053562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"Price isn't the problem for the 360."

Fortunately for MS, neither are sales - it continues to perform month after month, even with the knowledge of the impending PS3 price drop and Slim release. There's no reason to think that a 360 with a $199 Arcade / $299 Elite pricing structure won't continue to sell at the same rate it has been going all year.

Still haven't heard anything about the Pro's price as it's phased out. $249?

EDIT - I never compared 360's sales to PS3's - I simply said that 360 has been selling well all year, and shows no signs of slowing down. Of course, the PS3's price drop will result in a temporary sales surge, just like happens EVERY time any console has a price cut, but that has NO effect on 360. The PS3 price drop will help Sony, but will not hurt MS.

Guido3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Sorry bud, but that post you wrote had to be the dumbest thing I have read in weeks here.

If marking all existing stock down 100 bucks, the reintroducing the PS3, regardless of size at that low price is not a price cut, then what would you call it? Sony's next-next gen console? lol

@ soxfan2005

So that would explain why the 360 only outsold the PS3 by a hundred thousand in the last quarter? Oh, and that was with the PS3 at its high price point of 400 bucks and not the new price of 300... If it is selling so well, why only a hundred thousand and not at least a million?

sonarus3562d ago

Elite will drop price to 299 thats about all the price cut we'll get for now.

shingo3562d ago

elite price drop to 299 + pro being discontinued.

that's about it.

3562d ago
YourCall3561d ago

I like how you used the term reintroduced. Uh...How do you "re" introduce something when it is completely different in design from the other one. Let's go with remake, I think that better fits what happen here. Sony made a new console that is PS3 compatible. But not PS2 compatible like the older one.

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Gue13562d ago

A price-cut? Like an X360 arcade for 99.99 dollars?

OGharryjoysticks3562d ago

MS is about to give Arcade 360's away Free, but will no longer offer any warranty. This way they figure to make money on each console through repair costs the owners have to pay for each time it breaks down. :)

iagainsti1203562d ago

@DIRTYHAIRYJOYSTICK source please or are u talking out of your arss

50CALheadshot3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

loaded with hw problems
no exclusive games
no hddvd
no bluray
live p2p fees, content fees, fees, fees, fees, fees
no wifi
no hdd
sounds like a effin gokart

ill pay 50 dollars for it, n then i will still NOT use it. Y? all of the best games this gen are on pc and ps3. y risk rrod, e74 and disk scratching, and paying to mail it out? why pay for live? why pay for wifi and a hdd? why give money to a company that still after 4 year, cant get rid of the hw failures?

You can keep your msft toaster oven. PS3PCFTW

PS3slim = the end of the microbots on n4g.

wheres the mart, firstknight, power of green and all the other douchebags? whut happened to 360 destroying the ps3?

Ill tell you, theyre still on n4g some as stupid as ever....but others have created new accounts and are acting NEUTRAL now. knowing quite well that they are the laughing stock of n4g. Throughout this gen i told u douchebags what was going to happen. Now look at you.

HAHA i told u id get the last laugh

Pistolero3562d ago

What?'re acting like the PS3 has already surpassed the 360...but let's not count our chickens before they hatch...there is still a ways to go in this generation and lots can happen.

50CALheadshot3562d ago

lol, ur "exclusives" which end up on other systems continuosly, rrod your console of choice.

msft still cannot match uncharted 1.

u guys are stuck in last gen.

its simple to see it and notice and accept it everytime sony releases another exclusive.

time to take off the free microsoft "hater" glasses

SonyOwnsNextYear3562d ago

follow my post history....i called everything thats happening now, A YEAR AGO.

play beyond the limitations of sh1t hardware

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LordMarius3562d ago

How many people will buy one with a price cut
Press Disagree if you will buy one
Press Agree if you wont

IcyJoker1873562d ago

Why would I buy a Honda when I have a Ferrari?

table3562d ago

lol. the people already with a 360 will click disagree and the people without will hit agree. n4g, always good for a laugh.

Ferretman3562d ago

So much for the ps3 slim price cut.

IcyJoker1873562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

so your saying this will counter the slim? This will have almost no effect on ps3 sales now.

morganfell3562d ago

No, he is saying that now that certain buyers can afford a Ferrari they would still skip it to buy the '75 Chevy Vega that is getting it's own price drop to an amount just below the Ferrari.

Sunny_D3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Actually Morgan it will be the Elite that will be dropping in price to $300. Micro$oft's best selling sku is the arcade. So did someone say affect Ps3 sales? I don't think so. For the same price, have a Ferrari(PS3) or a Chevy 75 (360)?

morganfell3562d ago

It's only called the elite because you get special RROD club benefits.

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