How can the next Zelda game dethrone Ocarina of Time?

Zelda series is one of my favorite games series ever. I really loved every title in this epic saga, but Zelda games are still using the same formula and gamers are getting bored with it. We want this series to evolve and to become the game that will define again the action-adventure genre.

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Anon19743562d ago

I wish I played Zelda:TP on the Gamecube and not the Wii. It's the first major Zelda game I just couldn't finish.

If your going to use motion control, use motion control. Don't substitute a button press for a waggle, that's not immersive, that's irritation. While the bow/hookpak were done well, the "waggle to swing your sword" was terrible and simply ruined the game for me. It made the controls feel sloppy, in my opinion.

I hope they learn from that for the next version.

SolidAhmed3561d ago

no please no more RPG elements

immortal843562d ago

There are more important things than motion controls.

immortal843562d ago

They have to make the combat more challenging and to give it more depth.

biloz3561d ago

Zelda was always one of my best, but they need to improve

hardcore19123561d ago

Nintendo should give the next game to the hardcore audience, since there are few Wii hardcore games.

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The story is too old to be commented.