G4TV GamesCom 2009: Who Will Produce Resident Evil 6?

G4TV writes: "During our GamesCom Lost Planet 2 interview with Capcom's Jun Takeuchi, we slipped in a few Resident Evil questions. Considering his involvement with Resident Evil 5, we asked him a number of questions about that game as well. But when asked whether or not he would be involved in the development process for Resident Evil 6, we we're quite taken back by his answer."

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Chris3993561d ago

The Japanese publishers have a hard-on for that lately. Who knows, it could turn out pretty good. Certainly less campy and irritating than 5.

In my personal fantasy land, they'd give the series to Visceral Games, the Dead Space development team. Two publishers working together like that will never happen, but they're the most suitable people I can think of off the cuff that would do justice to the IP.

Socomer 19793561d ago

whers g4's winner of gamescom awards?