4th Diablo 3 Class Revealed: The Monk

The 4th Diablo 3 Class is now Revealed..
A bug on shows that the 4th Diablo 3 class is a Monk.

It has been official confirmed

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pacowles4008d ago

Broken link? I can't seem to get that page to even begin to load.

reckoner4008d ago

Yeah, the link doesn't work for me either.

lindquist4008d ago

You promised me boobs, where???!?!?!

I can has? :(

Bgibbs4008d ago

I'm not too sure I like these classes. Seems like they are trying to make it a little too much like WoW. Don't let me down on this one Blizzard

Torkith4008d ago

It's true, watching Blizzcon Live Stream. This + World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Gameplay looked really cool.

yog-sothot4008d ago

I was at Gamescom today, when I crossed the Blizzard booth, I saw people in the line to try Diablo 3. Near the end of the line, there was a public notice that said "4 hours to wait from this point". And there were people at this point ! That's what I call a HUGE game !

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The story is too old to be commented.