Spawn Kill Previews Latest Tri-Ace RPG Resonance of Fate

Tigresa of Spawn Kill had the opportunity to sit down with one of Sega's representatives and sneak a peek at the latest demo. Bored with spike-haired heroes and seven foot swords, Tri-Ace wants to drive Resonance of Fate with an intense focus on gunplay.

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ihaten4glol3565d ago

Tri-Ace has done well in impressing me so far, so hopefully this won't disappoint, though I have a sneaking suspicion that without great characters/storyline I will not be hooked.

tigresa3565d ago

Yeah so far the characters have possibility, unsure how far it'll take us. The story hasn't been fully revealed, but the social classes of the tower Basel for some reason really intrigues me. The environment was really interesting of that mechanical tower that the entire world lives in.

rrquinta3564d ago

I'm a little disappointed this will be gunplay focused, as I'm not a shooting in general... but will wait and see. This is the most I've heard about this game anywhere, so thanks for the preview!