Batman: Arkham Asylum review

Joystiq writes:
"'s one of the best stealth-action games ever made, and easily the best video game 2009 has had to offer thus far."

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chaosatom4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

"best stealth game ever made"
metal gear anyone?

Idk, I was having trouble in the demo being stealthy. It become somewhat annoying because I kept dying. Maybe the demo isn't representative of the whole game.

This is really a odd ball. I didn't expect that much rave review.

Kleptic4782d ago

yeah I don't know either...demo wise its not even close to the 'best stealth/action game ever made' hand to hand batman is ridiculously powerful...which is great...but the stealth sequences seem pretty forced, simply because batman by nature does not use 'real' weapons...

and I wasn't buying the detective mode very much...either way...great game, definitely will play through it one way or another...but I guess I just prefer MGS's approach to stealth where its necessary at times, and not at others...and the choice is sort of yours in all but boss fights...this game is more that you HAVE to be stealth for large portions, and HAVE to be aggressive in others...and that there really isn't much of a gray area to that...again, thats based on a i really don't know, its just thats what it seemed like gameplay mechanic each their own...

DonCorneo4782d ago

even the reviewers admit that.. but for some reason no points were deducted for it.. it's a lot like tenchu, only this on is easier..

Greywulf4782d ago


I didn't care about this game till i played the demo. I have the same exact thoughts about this one. Anyone that thinks its a rip off like Wolverine origins needs to try it.

LtSkittles4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

Joker is now on the U.S. PSN store.

foxtheory4782d ago

Definitely not. Great game? Absolutely! I loved the demo. It has a lot of variety between the free-flow combat and stealth action, which is excellent. I may not get this one just yet, considering I'm saving my money for 2010 where I'll need it the most. But sooner or later, I'll get around to this one for sure.