News PS3 Slim already a top-seller in Japan

Sony Corp.'s new Playstation 3 Slim is already a top-seller in Japan based on advanced orders at Amazon Japan.

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Tinted Eyes3559d ago

LOL @ People acting like Sony don't know what they are doing.

-EvoAnubis-3559d ago

No surprise here. The same thing should happen in every region.

This is what people were waiting for. Price was the last barrier of entry. With that no longer an issue, we're going to have lots more people Paying Beyond this holiday season.

jack_burt0n3559d ago

its smaller and much more japan friendly now just wait till that ff13 bundle lands

Nitrowolf23559d ago

top one on japan and US amazon. this is a good sign.

ultimolu3559d ago

B-But pre-orders don't count! :<

People were waiting for that pricecut. Sony's going to kick ass in Japan and they may get better sales in the U.S as well.

This company ain't stupid.

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