PaRappa the Rapper gameplay videos

Three gameplay videos from the PSP remake of PaRappa the Rapper.

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TnS4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

According to GameTrailers these are from the PSP version.
Also on PSP Fanboy:

techie4492d ago

I've never played looks funny and fun :P

Shadow Flare4492d ago

when i was younger i had a demo of parappa the rapper. It was the kung fu level, it was brilliant but i never bought the game. I HAVE to buy this game lol, its so funny. I love the driving school level its genius

hamburgerhill4492d ago

This game gave me nightmares as a kid so please don't bring it back or I will start the dreams again!

BigE4492d ago

Oh man. I have this game for my PSP already. Dont ask how but i have it. Its REALLY fun, but REALLY short. Theres 4 levels in total. They increase in difficulty. But the songs ARE AMAZING. The song in the final stage is the Best and Sooo Addicting. I found myself singing it subconciously around my house while trying to beat the game. But overall a very fun game.

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The story is too old to be commented.