Playstation 3 is still #1 on 20 Most Wanted Products at Cnet.

Playstion 3 Remains the #1 most wanted gadget at cnets website for 2 weeks straight along with the Nintendo Wii coming in at number 2 while the Xbox 360 Elite drops 3 places to #6.

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drtysouf214184d ago

Nice to see some good PS3 news! Though all 3 are doing good.

uxo224184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Bottom line, most wanted means (in most cases) I don't have it and that's likely because I can't afford it. Also, something not appearing on a most wanted list could also mean that everyone already has it. Kinda like an IPOD.

Therefore a most wanted list is meaningless and don't really tell you anything about a product. IMO

drtysouf214184d ago

Just noticed i spelled Playstation wrong in the story description. Whoops!

Fisher3394184d ago

People want the ps3, but its too damn exspensive, took forever to save up for mine.

CrazzyMan4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

it`s not that much for great console, great quality, great blu-ray player.
HS, KZ2, FFXIII, MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet, Lair, NGS, GT5, G3, WKS, LBP.
only without good TV 720p/1080p, it wotrh to wait. ;)

p.s. still great news for PS3. =)

Edge of Blade4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Of course. ANY purchase can be broken down so that it's sticker shock diminishes. It's still shelling out $600 at a single point in time. You can't get around it. That means lost opportunity costs for each amount you pay over time...and inflation...and the fact that anyone letting you buy a PS3 and pay over time (credit cards, unscrupulous loan scams) are going to charge you a premium.

And THERE it is. A list of the upcoming "exclusives" on PS3. Every time I see a post like this, something gets fishy. And I can't even pick out what half of those are.

A question for you, Mr. Poster. Why isn't Sony doing as much grass roots advertising in the community as Microsoft is? Or am I just not seeing it with a Sony logo on it...

...and there is my limit for this article. This whole story reeks like a month-dead tuna, and I'm convinced Sony's at fault. Rational or not, I'm just going with the evidence in front of me.

BubblesDAVERAGE4184d ago

So is the 360, We should love thoes two the wii is a peice of crap yet i am getting one

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The story is too old to be commented.