Uncharted 2 Will Be 40 Percent Puzzles, 60 Percent Action

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be about 40 percent puzzle-solving and 60 percent action, but developers Naughty Dog hope you don't notice that.

What they want you to notice instead is the pacing of this second entry in the franchise, that the action is more tense, the exploration more seamlessly integrated into the title and the puzzles more subtle.

"I think gamers are going to notice that it's going to be a little more action packed," said Naughty Dog spokesman Arne Myer. "There's a little more tension, a little more action behind everything (Nathan Drake) does."

Naughty Dog tried worked to create a game that is much bigger than the first title, one that has broader scope and a better sense of scale.

Meyer showed off a new level to press attending a behind closed doors meeting with them during this week's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

In it Drake has been sent to snowy mountains where he has to work with a Tibetan guide to find a hidden temple in an ice cave.

"We've been showing off a lot of action," Meyer said. "In this section we wanted to change it up a bit and show a bit of exploration and puzzles."

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PataponKnight3563d ago

...and 100 percent AWESOME!!!!!!

mrv3213563d ago

You underestimate Uncharted 2

The Wood3563d ago

Probably gunna be the best game of the year

tommy-cronin3563d ago

ya the only thing i was dissapointing in uncharted 1 was that there was only 1 puzzle

PataponKnight3563d ago

One puzzle? What game were you playing?

jmare3563d ago

He does have a point. The puzzle was when do you push the select button to get the answer. Uncharted is an awesome game, but the diary was an easy out for all the puzzles.

shingo3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

omg great news, i love puzzles :DDDDDD

uncharted 2 is already confirmed goty 2009, it's not even funny.

PataponKnight3563d ago

Yeah there was only one actual puzzle, but there were many other switches and levers and areas that required logic to get past.

infamous_273563d ago

... and 100 percent platforming

thor3563d ago

Yeah the puzzles in Uncharted 1 were ridiculously easy. I'm glad they're shifting the focus a bit more onto puzzles and platforming - I don't like just shooting people the whole time. It's nice to have a bit of variety. Platforming was the best bit in Uncharted 1 for me.

TheBlackSmoke3563d ago

glad this is true. Although i LOVED Uncharted there were times where it was really heavy with gunplay segments and i wished for more exploration and puzzles to spread it out. This sounds perfect now.

Applegate3563d ago

Yeah cant wait !!
Always wanted more puzzles in games !!!

Only Sony give us some fresh games like this, puzzles and stuff.

-EvoAnubis-3563d ago

Damn, you beat me to it. That is literally EXACTLY what I was going to say.

ultimolu3563d ago

Hell yes! :D

I love you Nathan!

rockleex3563d ago


*rockleex pretending to be Nathan* >:D

*gets slapped*

Okay, I love you too... Nathan. ^_^

ultimolu3563d ago

*ruffles rockleex's hair* n_n

talltony3563d ago

Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 in the same year!!! It was smart of sony to delay MAG.

AXOi3562d ago

PataponKnight "...and 100 percent AWESOME!!!!!!" that's exactly what I came in here to say! So let me try something new...

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PirateThom3563d ago

If the first game and the beta are anything to go by, Uncharted 2 is going to be a package where there's been no compromises and both the single player and multiplayer will both be good experience and more than deserving of the GOTY nominations, if not awards.

DonCorneo3563d ago

it's still home to a lot of xbots.

xbots are complaining how the shooting mechanics sucks. they said they hated the endless wave of enemies. xbots are also complaining how there weren't a lot of puzzles in the first game.

xbots should realize that uncharted's shooting mechanics is better than grays of war's (it's true, check out the reviews). then, there is no infinite respawn in uncharted unlike cod4. stupid xbots. finally, grays had zero puzzles and xbots never complained.

TheBlackSmoke3563d ago

More importantly gear of war has no soul, Its bland and has characters with no personalitys and that you dont care about. gears is so generic i want to cry.

ToastyMcNibbles3563d ago

lmao blacksmoke.. love that last thing you said but yeah completely agree... gears is fun but good lord the characters and story are so damn generic not to mention marcus' voice is the most annoying voice i've ever heard

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PataponKnight3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

The surprising thing is this article is from kotaku and not once did they say anything bad about it.

jack_burt0n3563d ago

lol it is the power of the mighty uncharted, no idiotic butt hurt bias can penetrate the 100 percent AWESOME!!!!!!

Veneno3563d ago

him and Totilo aren't that bad of haters as some of their other writers.

mastiffchild3563d ago

They did PK they intimated the game would be"just" Tomb Raider if they add more puzzles! Taking nothing of the new fragtastic MP section of the disc into consideration!

So, yeah, there was the usual attempt to pi55 on Sony gamers chips that you get from the uber amatuer Kotaku.

jack_burt0n3563d ago

All i read here was 100% AWESOME!!!!!! come on watch the trailer again u know u want to :P

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XboxBoy3563d ago

No doubt you've got some fun planned for me, right Uncharted 2?!

The_Devil_Hunter3563d ago

Son of a B!tch took my line, your gonna pay for that. Grrr....

_Q_3563d ago

How about its 100% game? Shut up and play it! =p
Can't wait til October!

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