Special Ops Brings More Mile High Club to Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 won't just be about a chunky single-player campaign and endlessly playable multiplayer, it's also going to be bringing quick drop-in and play single missions meant to be tackled as a two-person team or solo.

The levels, Activision told Kotaku today, were inspired by the single Mile High level that unlocked at the end of Modern Warfare. That level wasn't tied to the story, instead it was a single mission with objectives.

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mrv3213558d ago

Great I allways liked Mile High and the sniper mission, both would be intense but you need some way to extend replayability.

Why not a 3 vs 3 spec ops multiplayer mode, you don't get to choose a weapon but instead are given one, a silenced sniper, smg and M4 each team must compete to complete objectives, attack and defend etc.