Sony: £250 was the best we could do

MCV: SCEE president Andrew House admits that a £100 price cut would have been better, but £50 was all it could do.

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jack_burt0n3562d ago

plenty of places doing 80gb with 2 games for £220 if ure hard up get one of those.

rajman3562d ago

Not quite fair really as its $299 in the US, which is £180....yet UK still has to pay £250 o_0

PirateThom3562d ago

Living standards are different in the US and UK, pretty much everything costs less in the US, but minimum wages are lower.

At £250, it's only priced £20 more than the 360 Elite and I know a few people who think the price is in the right place now and are buying it.

LittleBigSackBoy3562d ago

be thankful they cut the price at all

MajestieBeast3562d ago

People cry way to much. Why dont you go to every company that makes tv,s and ask em to make dollar price the same as pound...

zok3103562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Tell the Queen to cut back on the higher standard of living in the UK, and maybe companies that are charging more for their products in the UK will lower their prices to match the standard of living compared to the rest of the World.
Lets not forget that the UK is coming out of this global recession a lot faster than the rest of the world.