Tim Sweeney: 'High Performance Graphics 2009'

These are a copy of the slides from the "End of the GPU Roadmap" keynote talk by Tim Sweeney, CEO, Founder, and Technical Director of Epic Games, at High Performance Graphics 2009. In the talk Sweeney speculates on the rise of a new graphics pipeline based on Reyes micropolygon rasterization.

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Mac is OK3562d ago

Seems like there's really not going to be a new console till 2014 if even Epic doesn't think they can have an engine ready before that. Good read anyway, at least what I was able to understand.

phosphor1123562d ago

"Crysis on high-end NVIDIA SLI solution only looks at most marginally better than top Xbox 360 games"

Is he f*cking blind? I'm sorry, but just because someone makes a better engine than your company, doesn't mean you have to get butthurt about it.

ThanatosDMC3562d ago

Very blind. I mean, texture details are completely different on high end machines.

meetajhu3562d ago

OMG software rendering via CUDA = Unreal Engine 4. WoW software rendering back to business! But to hard to develop in CUDA!

phosphor1123562d ago

Larrabee tech (according to this presentation) is very similar to the Cell tech. Vector based, multi cored/parallel technology. The main difference is the L2 cache on the Cell is a lot smaller.

likedamaster3562d ago

This guy knows what he's talking about. He's not even tooting his own horn but encouraging everyone to start building this engine for the next generation. Good stuff.

carreirabr3562d ago

The question is: will the new Unreal engine have the same artificial shinning plastic look as the old one, or will be able to compete with others engines that we have around, that don't have this problem at all.