How to use Windows 7 for free for 120 days, legally

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 can be used legally for up to 120 days without activating with a valid 25-character alphanumeric product key. Windows typically comes with a 30-day time limit for users to activate their copy of the operating system, but there's a command that is often used by corporate administrators to reset the 30-day countdown. The rearm command can be used up to three times without violating the Windows 7 EULA. Thus, if the user resets the countdown on the last day each time, he or she can gain up to 90 extra days to use Windows 7 legally and for free. The Windows Secrets newsletter outlined the step-by-step instructions for extending the grace period:

•Step 1: Click Start, All Programs, Accessories. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator. Enter your administrator password.

•Step 2: Type the following command and press Enter: slmgr -rearm (note the space after slmgr and the hyphen in front of rearm.)

•Step 3: Restart Windows 7.

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GamerPS3603564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

lol, I know a way to use Win7 for free for lifetime. I use vista 64 sp1 ultimate. Not upgrading to win7 'coz I am a gamer and there is not really any performance boost.