Call Of Duty 4 3D Screen

Last week, Game Informer gave you the first 60 second trailer for Call of Duty 4. Yesterday, they announced their June Call of Duty 4 cover. And now today, to round out or triple threat, they have a new 90-second trailer in HD, plus an exclusive 3D Quicktime screenshot. You can never have too much of a good thing.

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I can not wait for this game

and the next wolfie

going to be class

Theo11304492d ago

that website is downloading preaty slow

VirtualGamer4492d ago

Just downloaded the trailer. I pretty sure I have seen it before but was nice to have such a large screen version. Game has alot of potential. Its gritty and has that Black Hawk down feel to it. Definately have to keep my eye on this one.

lil bush4492d ago

is this going to be a fps or a 3ps, anyone?..........

kevkev34492d ago

but i submitted a piece of news where i accidentally put the url as the title, so i deleted it. when i tried to repost it, it just said that the news had already been submitted. [email protected]#$!$#@!$#@!$#@!
here's the news if any1 wants to steal it....

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