Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition sold out

MCV: HMV has sold out of its exclusive Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition on both Xbox 360 and PS3, and is hoping to secure extra units.

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Sk8boyP3565d ago

Prestige edition is Hardened edition with NV Goggles! You're paying $70 for the goggles! These aren't necessary for much, I wonder how many people will be fascinated with these then put them back and never use'em again. That $70 bucks could be put to A NEW GAME. W/e it's not my money that's being spent.

darkness within3565d ago

I'm Loosing faith in my country :(

JeffGUNZ3565d ago

Why, because people are working and earning their money and spending it on what they choose?

mastiffchild3565d ago

Mate, I lost faith in Britain aaaages ago when we decided tthat constantly re-electing Thatcher was a good idea when she and her party were stripping the working man of all his power AND running manufacturing(and mining etc, etc)into the ground.

I knew then that short sighted greed was what was prominent in the minds if middle England and now we get shafted as a result of the world knowing they can blind us with a bit of sparkly tat.

Sadly, when the rest of our gamers buy the arificially increased normal edition of MW2 the rise will be passed on to gamers worldwide who might not have been so shortsighted had Activision tried the scam on them. Oh well, I'm still not buying the damn game.

NaiNaiNai3565d ago

Rofl so much for that petition. XD can you say FAIL!!!!!!!!!!....


JeffGUNZ3565d ago

haha I was thinking the same exact thing. All that petition is going to do is have a handful of people not being able to play MW 2; their loss.

3sq3565d ago

"their loss."?

It's just a generic FPS. Nothing is lost.


Solans Scott3565d ago

I am getting the cheapest version I can get my hands on and probably the madcatz controller, if the quality is good.