XBL Marketplace New Restrictions Q&A

After the announcement that XBL members will no longer be able to download media or games outside of their country of residence (e.g. US residents won't be able to get demos specific to Japan) Michael Newey, Group Product Marketing Manager for Xbox Europe, tries to answer any questions that may have arisen due to this update to border control.

"Q: First of all – why is Xbox doing this?

Michael Newey: The issue here is that when we add new gaming and entertainment content to Xbox LIVE we sign a contract with the content provider. In that contract it tells us which country or countries the content is licensed in. It then becomes a legal requirement for us to ensure that the content is only available for to people in the countries in which it is licensed..."

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ngg123454488d ago

Why would you f*ck everyone that lives in Europe, and japan? I don't understand this at all. This is the first time, I am actually pissed off.

Norad64488d ago

Some places in Europe don't have Xbox Live and rely on a different country's Live service to get content (i.e. Greece doesn't have Live so you would most likely register as a Austrian or UK account). It looks like they'll be sh!T out of luck now. This is going to be a hellish week for some Xbox fans.

masterg4488d ago

Damn.. Good thing Im not in a country that doesnt have XBL

Firewire4488d ago

Sounds weird to me!
Alienating your customers like this isn't good!
Can you access the marketplace through the internet?
And download stuff to your comp, then your 360?

gta_cb4488d ago

no dont think so... unless you have vista... but then i think it would be the same

AudioRage4488d ago

Basically, this means that you can only have what is meant to be available for you. And that you cant go makin live accounts to access other material.
Im a european user and i see this as a positive, simply because it means broadcasters will be more willing to "jump in". It just means everything is more secure, and personally i think this will improve our odds of gettin more content

gta_cb4488d ago

yeh i kinda agree, only if stuff like IPTV doesnt become like Video Marketplace =( ... i made an american account to download AC4 demo which isnt available here, and i got to see the true video marketplace, and there films to rent on there that isnt out here yet, or is in cinema! so i see its kinda hard especially with the film industry ... ohwell hopefully we will get video marketplace soon anyway, especially with it being rumoured for summer time =D

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