How Much Does The PS3 Slim Really Cost? (In Japan, That Is...)

Well, it is cheaper, but is it cheaper? Sony shaved off more than the price for its new PlayStation 3, the PS3 Slim. Japanese news site Get News did some number crunching - your mileage may very. Let's dive in:

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hay3562d ago

Wow, from the very beginning as I remember console or pc gamer had to buy additional stuff to play. Be it second controller, a scart connector, in some cases RGB cable, memcards or multitap for PS1 and PS2.
And now it's hidden cost all of a sudden?

We don't need to buy multitap and memcards now, big improvement. No screwing with Scarts and/or RGB cables, just HDMI.

I kinda find it interesting why they didn't include ethernet cable if you prefer cable connection or don't have wi-fi.

Well, with feature packed PS3 those "hidden costs" aren't that bad comparing to competition.

tripewire3562d ago

Hmm. My 60GB came with an ethernet cable. has that changed?

Anyway, I think this article is beyond stupid.

Free Online service
Home, with many different mini games.
Must be a hundred or so demos, wall papers, themes for free
Vidzone (damn this service is great)
Memory Cards
Controller battery
Life with Playstation
Free video calls to other PS3 users

Easily a weeks worth of entertainment without spending another cent.

Then you have games like flow, flower, ssdhd and wipeout HD selling for a pittance.

Oh and if money is that tight, get some second hand games...

JustinSaneV23562d ago

Video calls require a PS Eye which is extra.

Memory cards are irrelevant unless you are referring to the PS2 memory card adapter which is also extra.

BTW, a built-in battery can be a disadvantage in the long-run as you will be unable to replace when it inevitably goes bad (as all batteries do).

Still a hell of a great value especially when you look at the long-term costs of the Xbox 360 (RRoD outside of warranty, Xbox Live, low quality headsets, etc).

SoapShoes3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Most people have their own and the short one they included in the box with my 80 gig is only good if your PS3 is right next to your router.

Also JustinSane, you can replace DualShock 3 batteries. It requires unscrewing a few screws but it is endorsed by Sony.


Why did he factor in Games? Every console depends on purchasing content so these figures are not that substantial. Also notice how the PS3 removes the need of having to purchase a WiFi Adaptor which will save $100... Its inbuilt features are a head of its time :D