GC: EA to revive Road Rash?

EA classic IP is due to be revived Prince of Persia style... maybe Desert Strike? James Pond? EA has told CVG that it's looking to revive one of its classic IPs for a modern day makeover. The news came from Alan Tuscan, Vice President of EA Montreal, who hinted at Road Rash being the IP selected.

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Hellsvacancy3566d ago

Now bring back Streets Of Rage aswell (another childhood favorite)

Cajun Chicken3566d ago

YES! This time, please don't do it with Hells Angels, just normal bikers like in the originals, right?

EvanVolm3565d ago

Oh God yes! I remember having good times with this game, both on the PS1 AND N64.

Cajun Chicken3565d ago

Hell no man, the glory days were back on the Amiga and Megadrive, Road Rash went downhill after that.