Sony promises no PS3 shortages

SCEE's president Andrew House has promised there will be no stock shortages for PS3 Slim, and that the transition from the old to the new model will be seamless.

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shingo3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

omg, just like the early wii days ^___^

japwow3565d ago

3 ps3? really?

that's great...

Syronicus3565d ago

With this new price drop, my kids can have one each!

sonic9893565d ago

i hope that 2006 disaster doesnt return
cause if sony had enough PS3s at that time
the ps3 would have been very close to the xbox by the moment but oh well ( if you didnt make mistakes you wont improve ) and improving is the best sony does
look bravia HD and sound theaters and bluray ( crap they even managed to get 100 GB 200 GB on a disc ) everything sony makes is future proof believe me
except the walkman but who cares its not a flaw but apple's ipod is so gimmick and i hate it
and for the ps3 slim i not getting it i love to game on my 60 GB model ( cause its the best model )

Christopher3565d ago

More than likely, they're able to make this promise because they've manufactured a ton already in order to meet manufacturing production goals, which helped in the long run to get the price of the PS3 lower in cost and thereby lower in price. Manufacturers are like most salespeople, if you make 10k in one month instead of 1k, they'll give you a saving on each item made.

AssassinHD3565d ago

Guys ignore euchreprof. He frequents the PS forums and the only thing he is really good at is being a habitual liar.

euchreprof3565d ago

and he gives me the creeps... beware people!

Syronicus3565d ago

It's tough to decide which of you two is lying... The one with a ton of bubbles or the one with... two.

Ok, Assassin, you win.

masterg3565d ago

In Denmark the Slim is set to debut at 2799 kr. = $520.
I'm might just wait a week or two for the better deals. Unlike the US where it just plain and simple $299.

But It's all good. I sold my launch PS3 3 weeks ago for $640 (all the Slim rumors made me do it). Looks like I'm picking up the Slim and 2 games at the same price.

JohnSlaught3565d ago

masterg: only has a Danish price at the moment, and the fat ps3 is even cheaper around. After September 1st, I guess the price will drop to about DKK 2500,- (still $480) or even lower. Many Danes buy the PS3 on (even though they officially don't sell to Denmark, they still do). Damn taxes :(

rockleex3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

You may have pre-ordered three PS3s, or not, but here's a video demonstrating how you would feel once you have three PS3s.

Sony's Walkman MP3/4 players have the BEST sound quality out of all the MP3/4 players in the market. In fact, most MP3/4 players have better sound quality than iPods.

ThanatosDMC3564d ago

I cant wait to see stupid people saying "I have 3 PS3 Slims..." on youtube.

During the year of launch, i think.

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cmrbe3565d ago

However they should do something about current fat shortage.

Harry_Manback3565d ago

Isn't that their phase out the fat completely? Especially if the slim is cheaper to manufacture, there's no sense for them to pump out the fat model's which retail for the same price as the slim.

JL3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Um...why would they put more fat models on the market when they're trying to get rid of them? Shortage (and soon-to-be extinction) of the fat PS3 is the whole idea of what they're going for.

Edit: lol Guess Harry beat me down the path of logic there.

TheMART3565d ago

That won't be hard, as no one will still buy a doormat @ 299 bucks.

wxer3565d ago

what a pathetic troll

Marty83703565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Sales of the PS3 Slim will speak for them selves, you will see.

$299 for a state of the art Console & Top of the range Blu-ray player rolled into one, the Slims a steal.

frnkyl3565d ago

Bu bu bu we don't troll PS3 aritcelzzz /s

Nelson M3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Thy Silly Little BoT

Put me Down for 5 PS3 Slims

Ninver3565d ago

@ The Mart

That's not what the retailers are telling us. Face it, the ps3 slim will own while you still regret your poor choice of a console (3fixMe).

I see alot of bots are still butt hurt from the weeks onslaught lol.

saimcheeda3565d ago

I seem to recall mart saying he owns a ps3 himself!!..and that was when the ps3 was 399$!!...u just owned urself!

ultimolu3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

F*ck you Mart.

Maybe you should use the Flop60 as a doormat instead. Sell your PS3 already.

The Killer3565d ago

u will be in hell fire for ever!!!

it doesnt matter if u believe in hell or not, u will just be in it having endless of torture and suffering!

ultimolu3565d ago

And you're a closet 360 fanboy.

So you would excuse an asshole like Mart? Hey, no kidding. 360 butt buddies stick together anyway.

Captain Tuttle3565d ago

lol juuken and her drama. You need to relax a little.

ultimolu3565d ago

And you need to mind your business.

The_Beast3565d ago

relly? thats why pre oders are going through the roof?

talltony3565d ago

last time i checked they are limiting 1 to every customer on lol no one wants a $299 ps3 my a**. I would love for the ps3 to outsell the 360 this gen just so you are proven wrong. :)

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Neo6043565d ago

too bad I already got one that have BC.

If it isn't for BC I would have give it away and buy a slim.

cyclindk3565d ago

Yeah, though I rarely play PS2 games anymore it just seems like too much of a perk to give up.

sonic9893565d ago

play a PS2 game for like persona 4 when the game lunched
and no other game after that .
the ps3 is really going to rock when sony puts it on top gear ( vroom vrom )
by the way hope to see jak 4 on the PS3