MTV talks Rock Band 3

Developer Harmonix is working on Rock Band 3, MTV Games boss Scott Guthrie has told MCV.

The developer is also looking into creating more artist-specific Rock Band's as well.

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TheColbertinator3564d ago

I don't care for the Natal project but the Rock band 3 features will certainly grab my attention

ShinMaster3564d ago

Most people don't really see themselves playing with Natal.

And if Rock Band 3 has a second kick pedal, I'm buying.

benny o klaatt3564d ago

Rock Band 2 is the game i play religiously, anyone want a drummer with about 150 DLC, usually play hard but sometimes expert. Send me a friends request.

Gamertag: You knows Benny

NaiNaiNai3564d ago

God they better have gotten those rights fixed then. I want my Muse, and MRC...Also it would be cool to get some Los Campesinos.