CVG Most Wanted: PS3

The specially trained artist in CVG's crack production laboratory has designed the award to recognise the truly epic and ground-breaking titles - these are the games CVG would be first in the queue for on the morning of release and ones which they'd actually spend their own hard earned dollars on.

Any game which receives the CVG Most Wanted Award will have the badge proudly displayed on its game page to advise you of the titles they believe are a sign of true gaming excellence.

Today CVG proudly present the first ten PS3 games to receive The CVG Most Wanted award...

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sumfood4u4487d ago

RATCHET AN CLANK, MGS4, DMC4 alot others but thoes always remember! i Didn't see FF~13 or FF~Versus on the list. But Fianl Fantasy series kick A$$.

tehcellownu4487d ago

Uncharted drakes fortune should be in there..

techie4487d ago

yes well I believe people haven't seen enough. But come the next week (sony's gamers day ?) you will see more of it ;)

Circa244487d ago

When is Sony's Gamer's Day?

techie4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

I'm not sure if that's what it is called...but Sony is holding some event...I believe it's next week or week after. I'll try and find out.

Ok it may have happened last week...which means news will be trickling out over the course of this week.

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