FFXIII vs. Mass Effect 2 - 2010 Chart War

The announcement of a spring 2010 release for Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 sets up an intriguing battle for two vastly different RPGs. - gameplayer.

"On Xbox 360 it will also mark an intriguing clash between the old-school Japanese RPG and the new school western RPG as Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect 2 respectively go head-to-head in the charts. "

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qface643564d ago

FF13 will sell more that should be obvious

i wouldn't really play either though

JohnnyUtah3564d ago

you rekon. i would have thought it would be pretty close. not many people on xbox would have played ff before

qface643564d ago

that's not really true that's like saying not many people on the ps1 played final fantasy before when FF7 was coming out

JohnnyUtah3564d ago

fair enough. that is a good point. i guess i am thinking that a lot of new users who came into gaming through the xbox 360 or xbox will be more strongly affiliated to mass effect

AKNAA3564d ago

since this is a sales battle between FF13 vs. ME2 on the 360... oooow... Thats a Hard prediction, but I'm gonna say that ME2 will sell a little more than FF13 on the 360.

Sarcasm3564d ago

If Mass Effect 2 is anywhere as near as good as ME1 then who cares about the sales, it'll be an amazing experience. FFXIII on the other hand, who knows.

Marojado3564d ago

I'm not sure which I'd pick up first... Long time Final Fantasy fan, but hated X-2, 11 and 12. Loved Mass Effect, and want to see how the story continues.

Panthers3564d ago

ME does not have nearly as much regocnition world wide as the FF series does. They will both be great, but FF has a huge following across the world. Not the same with ME.

CrazzyMan3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

That`s it. You like it or not.
However, Mass Effect is pretty new IP, while FF is 20 years old brand.

GameGambits3564d ago

Sales won't determine quality. More people will blindly jump into FF13 without looking at a review simply due to a long wait or word of mouth.

I love the FF series and #12 was the first fail one for me. If I had to say if FF13 or Mass Effect 2 will be a better quality game I'm going to go for Mass Effect 2. The first one really blew me away and I played it 2 years after it came out. Bioware is all about quality gaming and pushing themselves further.

Will SE make the now, what, 5 year wait worth it? I don't know, but it better be. Day 1 buy for both. :)

3564d ago
only on playstaychun3564d ago

I can't understand when people say that FFXII was fail. To me all the Final Fantasy games are great RPGs (with the exception of X-2 which was just an add-on with Rikku and Yuna I think...). I for one, really liked the idea of having Gambits and added a lot to the combat strategy. To defeat Bosses you had to come with the right Gambits equipped and there was much more strategy added to it. Yeah, the story had very little depth and the characters weren't as great. Still a great title.

On topic: I think that the sales for both on 360 should end up being about the same, while the ps3 version will easily outsell both. But that is natural.

gaffyh3564d ago

FF13 will DEFINITELY sell more, no doubt about that at all. Dunno what the game will be like, hopefully it is more like the earlier FFs. As an RPG though, it will be better than Mass Effect, because Mass Effect 1 was hardly even an RPG. It was basically just a shooter, with some very basic RPG elements.

If this article wanted a serious debate, it should have asked something like Mass Effect 2 vs Deus Ex 3, because they are both WRPGs (and imo Deus Ex all the way). Or FF13 vs Magna Carta 2 (or Lost Odyssey 2, which I can't wait for) or something.

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Myst3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

=.=' what...?

Anyway I've preorded FFXIII and will do the same for Mass Effect 2 as well, both are going to be good (In my opinion) though I could see myself doing more run through on Mass Effect 2 than trying to rush myself through FFXIII.

After playing through Mass Effect again and even going so far as to buy the novels I can say that I will probably finish Mass Effect 2 first before I finish FFXIII.

Sales wise yes I'd say FFXIII would probably sell a bit more due to name brand and all; but I wouldn't count out Mass Effect. It's a good game just as well that really shouldn't be passed up.

kookro3564d ago

same here, im gonna get both and probably finish mass effect 2 first,

but i already preordered mass effect 2 back in june and have yet to do so with ffXIII.

Tony P3564d ago

Yeah, I think we all know a series with a history of more than 12+ immensely popular titles is going to beat out the newcomer on reputation alone on 360.

I'll definitely play both. I'm more excited for ME2, if only because the hype for FFXIII has long died.

Saaking3564d ago

I'll play both on my PS3.

Ninji3564d ago

I'll play neither regardless of what platform they're on.

kookro3564d ago

mass effect 2 is not coming out on ps3... sorry.

kaveti66163564d ago

Since I'm going to buy a PS3 slim, I don't mind Mass Effect coming to the PS3. Nevertheless, if Mass Effect 2 doesn't come out on the PS3 I wonder if you will buy a 360 to play it.

topdawg1223564d ago

Definitely gonna get FF13 for ps3 and hopefully me2 comes for ps3 as well and its a win, win

-MD-3564d ago

It won't be coming to PS3 that should be obvious to everyone.

Originally I was going to buy FFXIII on my PS3 but after that great E3 2008 conference I now have the option to purchase it for my 360.

So both games on 360 for me.

El Botto3563d ago

FF13 will sell 4 million in the first two days.

Mass effect wont even break 2 million after 6 months! Guaranteed!

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Odion3564d ago

I don't think FFXIII will blow ME2 out of the water, both are going to be a hit.

I think ME2 will be the better game though

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ipe3564d ago

is mass effect publisher.So u can forget that phrase "never"that is usually used for 360 exclusives(fallout dlc,gta dlc,dead rising,lost planet..).

90% its timed exclusive just like conviction.
Althought we dont know nature of their deal just look at gta.50 mil.for timed dlc exclusi.Also i cant forget that "only on 360"when fallout dlc was announced.

also,ff13 ll sell more worldwide definetly.But im not interested in game

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