The PS3 "Slim" is here; now how about the Xbox 360 "Quiet"?

Yahoo! Tech writes:

"The new, slimmed-down version of the PlayStation 3 got me thinking: What would be the must-have features (or fixes, as the case may be) in a revamped Xbox 360?

I drew up an Xbox 360 wish list once before, after rumors surfaced last year of a "mid-cycle" refresh for the noisy, glitch-prone console. Nothing ever came of it, of course, and besides the odd tweak, there's been no recent chatter of any major 360 console revamps.

But you never know, right? So in case anyone up in Redmond is listening, here's my revised Xbox 360 wish list, along with plenty of suggestions (I hope) from readers like you."

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Sunny_D3399d ago

Lol, can the 360 be quiet? The ps3 slim proves it can be even quieter than it already was. How about it?

danthaman153399d ago

The Elite is a LOT more quiet than the Pro model, not nearly as much as PS3 mind you, but it's a welcome difference. Installing your game also makes the disk not spin at all, for almost total silence (your TV will block out any noise the console makes at that point), but yea, it would be nice to have that as a startup feature.

AKNAA3398d ago

1. Does any one even care??

2. Does it even matter??

Vecta3398d ago

No it cant be quite as long as its running off a DVD and not off the Hard drive. The main reason the 360 is so loud is because the DVD drive spins at a much faster speed then the Blu-ray drive in the PS3.

Simon_Brezhnev3398d ago


so you telling me if i play my old ps2 games or watch dvd movies on my ps3 it will be loud as the xbox 360?

Blaze9293398d ago

geeze...they should really stop doing that.

Vecta3398d ago

Imdaboss dont be an idiot, please think before you speak.

The PS3 Blu-ray drive can only read and Spin blu-ray discs a 2x speed.

An Xbox 360 DVD drive spins dvds at 16x speed.

And because a PS2 had a older model DVD drive it could only spin them at 4x speeds. Hence why it is quiter then an 360 DVD drive.

PirateThom3398d ago

The drive in the PS3 is still x8 for DVD, CD drive x24.

Neither of those make the noise the 360 drive makes.

And the 360 has an x12 drive, not x16.

Guido3398d ago

But that's like trading the noise of a 747 in your living room for the noise of a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant...

No matter the improvement, the Xbox 360 is still the loudest console I have ever owned.

Projekt7tuning3398d ago

In all seriousness something must be wrong with my 60gig ps3. Its just as loud as my 60 gig 360. Can someone with both systems be honest and tell me if their two systems are about the same noise level? I'm being serious when I ask this question.

callahan093398d ago

@ 1.9

I have a 20 GB Halo 3 special edition green Xbox 360 from September 2007.

I have an 80 GB Playstation 3 w/ PS2 BC from November 2007.

The PS3 is completely inaudible over the sound of a game even when I have the sound pretty low. After about 5 or 6 hours of consecutive play, though, the fans start to rev up and it can be audible if the sound is low, but still inaudible if you crank it up.

The 360 is loud. Always loud. From startup, it starts revving. I can hear it roaring crystal clear even when I crank up the volume to my preferred "loud gaming" level, and not after it's been on for a long time and had time to heat up, but right from start-up it's loud as hell.

Projekt7tuning3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

@1.10 or Callahan09
thanks for a mature answer, that seems to be kind of hard to get on forums these days. I was thinking about your comment when you mentioned your ps3 getting loud after 5-6 hours of heating up and got me thinking. I think its possible that my ps3 my need a serious cleaning. It may just simply be overheating. Bubble to you, thanks.

tplarkin73398d ago

If you install the game, the DVD drive doesn't spin. The only sound you hear is the fan. It's pretty quiet then.

However, I've noticed that certain DVDs make more noise than others. Fable 2 is one DVD that makes a ton of noise. It seems like the DVD hole is off-center and it vibrates horribly. (This also happened with a Gurren Lagan DVD).

steve30x3398d ago

I have both Xbox 360 from october 2008 and Playstation 3 from september 2007. My PS3 is much quieter than my Xbox360 with the games installed on my Xbox 360 HDD. The fans on the Xbox 360 are too small to be effective at quite speeds for a fan. I Wish they would make an Xbox 360 quiet version.

callahan093398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

@ Tplarkin:

I don't notice much if any difference on my 360 when the drive is not in use. It's all fan that I'm hearing. The disc drive doesn't seem to add any noticeable noise to the mix. I've been playing Shadow Complex lately, which doesn't use the disc drive at all, and I'm still hearing the 360 run loudly. Maybe newer models have improved this problem with the loud fans, but mine is definitely loud. The fans start up as soon as I turn the console on, so no matter what I'm doing with the console, it's loud like that.

Projekt7tuning3398d ago

So the majority of the people who own both systems seem to be saying the xbox is much more audible. I have had to replace my bluray laser already on my ps3 so maybe I have a bit of a lemon. Thats not to say that I have not had to send my xbox away in its cardboard coffin. This is unrelated I guess, my 360 was fixed for free, but I had to pay $150 to get my launch ps3 fixed. If my Ps3 is a lemon dose anyone have any advice on getting sony to do the repair work for free if my bluray laser bites it again? Someone out there had to have had a similar problem as mine so any help will definitely merit a bubble.

Pebbz163398d ago

Lol that headline is extremely corny.

ThanatosDMC3398d ago

I swear, that disk tray has scratched my awesome Dead Rising disk.

kickaski3398d ago

The amount of dust in my PS3 is the reason why it gets loud on a 100+ degree day. i wish i had a comprehensive way of cleaning it but that's the honest truth, just dust. (like anything electronic)

Projekt7tuning3398d ago

@1.18 Thanks, what I have been thinking bubble to you.

steve30x3397d ago

If my PS3 gets a problem and it costs more than 100 euro then its not worth getting fixed with the price of the PS3 Slim being so cheap. If it does happen I will buy a PS3 slim instead.

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OhReginald3399d ago (Edited 3398d ago )


poster down below: it might not be exactly from yahoo tech person, but its still funny none the less.

danthaman153399d ago

This was written by a writer and posted on Yahoo. Yahoo has nothing to do with it. You fail.

topdawg1223398d ago

Wouldn't you have to raise the price of the 360 to get these features? The ps3 is at a sweet spot and even the dumbest people should realize that it is a great deal. MS definitely have to lower their price on the elite because i can see Sony coming from behind in a couple of years.

WenisWagon3398d ago

A friend of mine turned on his Xbox 360 and I thought a nuclear bomb was coming in to kill us, but then I realized it was just the disc tray.

SoapShoes3399d ago

Well gosh darn it all, lets just gets us a slim Wii while we're at it too! The Slim Wii could be a small chip built into every TV and all you had to do was use your controller on your TV!

Mr Tretton3399d ago

Nintendo's gonna make a WiiFat

LordMarius3398d ago

its called the GameCube, Snap

Ninver3399d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

lol is it me or is there absolutely no appealing news in the 360 section lately. The only reason stories heat up is because of the ps3 kings making it interesting. Anyway if the 3fixme ever tried to go slim the bloody thing would explode. What an abonination of a consumer electronic. Suck junks needs to stay in the M$ fail factory.

Obama3398d ago

The bots are having really bad days, and that's why they have to make up lies like how Alan Wake has the best graphic and how 360 is ruling in 09. Quite sad really..

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