Lost In Translation: Splinter Cell Conviction Possible on PS3

According to a Finnish gamer on the PS3Forums, he claims, "Well that's pretty faulty translation. The dev never says, that the game wouldn't be possible on the ps3. He only states that IF they would have gone multiplatform, they would have to change the lightning effects radically because of the differences of coding for each consoles. He actually says nothing bad about the PS3."

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Blackmoses4486d ago

Cmon'!!! I knew this when the first article popped up. It sure was entertaining to watch it implode with comments though. To all you fanboys....Get a Grip!

snake_eater4486d ago

WTF?????? PS3 FORUMS?????

TriggerHappy4486d ago

This was infact posted by an Xbox360 owner who is also a moderator.

shysun4486d ago

To little to late Ubi.....we hate you!:(

Bigmac5734486d ago

Its amazing what people will believe when it's not written in their own language.

razer4486d ago

One sissy 360 fanboy posted and article about Splinter Cell not running on the PS3. Which doesn't even matter because the PS3 won't even see this game. Then another sissy fanboy posted this article to offset the other. While at the same time nobody really gives a flip and it will not increase Sony's sale or lose sales for the 360. Back in high school we used to call these pee pee wars. It's just unfortunate that it puts the credibility of this site and it's users in the toilet..

gta_cb4486d ago

razer nice comment lol

dodgefate4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

well seeing this with no comments you can see how many xbot fanboys are on the site 307 on 1st one an non on this one huh I guess they feel dumb for even talking in last one.

bet this one wont even hit 100

Skizelli4486d ago

I had trouble understanding him myself.

Hayabusa 1174486d ago

I guess you were proved wrong.