Why do the press hate Sony?

In an open letter, the Good Gear Guide appeals to games journalists to stop picking on the PlayStation 3.

Chris Jager writes: "For reasons I can't begin to fathom, fair and balanced journalism seems to have gone out the window when it comes to the PS3, with many writers treating Sony with as much distaste as a sniffling swine flu victim. Just what has Sony done to tick you all off, exactly? Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks? Did he punch you in the nose or steal your girlfriends? Or is Sony simply an easy target to kick in the butt - like Tom Cruise or Jar Jar Binks? Whatever the reason, it's a trend that has been gaining momentum ever since the original PS3 launched in 2006... It's time that somebody made a stand."

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meepmoopmeep3564d ago

it's actually the reason i became a PS fanboy, lol

that makes me SDF i suppose :D

chaosatom3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

"Sony's first move: Cut current PS3 to $299?
Will Sony announce a new PS3 at the Gamescom Expo in Germany? Maybe. But it may cost more than people think."

-Why Sony needs to (but can't) drop the price of the PS3 – Cnet
-10 things I hate about the PS3 – Cnet Reviews
-Skip the PS3 Slim and get one of these Blu-ray laptops. (

I mean WTF. They are willing to do everything to please MS and get some controversy going to get hits.

FlatulentGhost3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

I see two camps in the press.

1. Xbox fans who have been working their way into as many gaming and media outlets so they can post articles like those you listed and hope to change the outcome of the console market by trashing PS3 games in reviews and put as negative spin as possible on every bit of Sony news

2. The more general media who has been wanting 'The Story' to be big bad Microsoft coming into another market and dominating. They've been trying to write that story since the day Microsoft announced the Xbox 8 or 9 years ago.

After all Microsoft 'has billions' and 'Bill Gates always gets what he wants' was the mentality. There were actually articles expressing faux pity for Sony and the PS2 in the press back when the first Xbox launched.

Lfmesquite3564d ago

I use to say "NO" the press doesn't hate the PS3, Sony fanboys are overreacting, it's not the press's fault that the PS3 is an over priced 360 clone.

I take it all back after watching some of the articles react to the PS3 slim, articles like "a Slim PS3 won't save Sony" and "Skip the PS3 and buy yourself a Sony PC with blu ray instead" <--- I think that was the low point.

I can't defend these guys now, a lot of the press have been showing their true colors now.

Playstation fans had it right all along

chaosatom3564d ago

I thank you for you acknowledgment.

Rigmaster3564d ago

It really is nauseating when you look back over the past 3-4 years. Can you imagine how crazy the press would have gone if Sony had:

1 A 33, 54 or whatever percent failure rate on the PS3?

2 Tried to pass off those pathetically fake Gears of War marketing shots as real?

3 Was charging 50 dollar a year just to be allowed to play online games with laggy P2P networking while Microsoft had free online with dedicated servers?

4 Was closing down first party studios down to only 3 while Microsoft had 20

5 The single biggest first party studio got pissed off at Sony and forced them to let the company go independent like Bungie did?

6 Came out with some silly little 2D Nintendo Mii copy while Microsoft had the gigantic 3D Home online world?

and on and on.

Rigmaster3564d ago

One other thing is many of these gaming media sites aren't actually anti-Sony/PS3. If you look back at some of the former hardcore Sony/PS3 hating sites like EGM/1Up, it was basically just a few hardcore Xbox fans who managed to get hired and spread hate. Once they got fired or quit the sites actually became normal game reporting sites with legitimate reviews of games and fairly unbiased reporting.

gamesR4fun3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

So the next time you’re writing a PS3 flame-bait article in an endless quest for Web traffic: try and show a little restraint. After all, if it wasn’t for Sony, you almost certainly wouldn’t be making a living writing about video games.

Blaze9293564d ago

I think sony fanboys are just overreacting and dont see the bigger picture. For two generations, Sony and the Playstation where the kinds of kings and everything was all smooth for them throughout the duration of the PS2 and PS1; tons of exlusives, tons of systems sold and TONS of games. The playstation was always THE "main system.

The problem is this gen, we have Microsoft who literally came out of no where with an ACTUALLY successful product. The Xbox 1 was some ****, lets be honest then this gen Microsoft and the 360 gained alot of support and more importantly, alot of consumers and continue to lead the way with online gaming via Xbox LIVE.

Then we have Nintendo who is freaking so far ahead of both Microsoft and Sony no one even cares about them anymore.

Then finally we have Sony, the kings....suddenly is last place. The great classic PS1 and PS2 games are no where to be found on the PS3 and it's actually loosing (currently) to Microsoft and the 360...Microsoft who is only in it's 2nd term with this console gaming stuff. It's shocking and hard to see Sony, no doubt everyone favorite, in the posistion that they are in this generation like omg, wtf is Sony doing?

No doubt later on we will see Sony's vision and the tides will turn, we're already seeing it with amazing games like Uncharted 2. But its not so much the press is picking on Sony, they've been pro-sony since the PS1! It's the fact that Sony is the same Sony they are this least not yet.

Besides, who the hell could ever hate Sony? They make kick ass products from TVs to Laptops.

Domenikos3564d ago

Journalism needs attention to survive... loads of sites (including big ones) get my "personal" ban after showing some ridiculous BS articles about the PS3... an example... comparison Videos... how lame =/

Im not crying for PS support articles, i just want some fair statements.

SarcasticBastard3564d ago

Where does 360 sell the most?

U.S & U.K

Where do the majority of these PS3 bashing "Articles" and B.S reviews come from? U.S & U.K ...

You don't honestly think that game journalists are true gamers do you?
Just different shades of fanboys

SoapShoes3564d ago

How do you get so many agrees for B.S. Blaze?

The media isn't biased? Like how when the Dreamcast came out the press had to immediately state Sega's past failures and warn people of the Dreamcast? I swear every DC article had some mention of the Saturn and 32X. Arguably the DC had some of the best games for the short amount of time it was out than any console.

Yeah, I'm sure all of this negativity for the PS3 isn't amplified. /sarcasm

Immortal Kaim3564d ago

I think people just take it all a little too seriously, who cares if someone slags off the PS3, or vice versa the 360. People say stupid stuff all the times in the forums when it's going back and forth.

I guess the only reason you might be upset is that they are actually getting paid to act like childish morons. ;)

Rigmaster3564d ago

"The problem is this gen, we have Microsoft who literally came out of no where with an ACTUALLY successful product"


Came out of nowhere this gen?

They had already been in the console market for four years when they launched the Xbox 360. Not to mention that they had been in the gaming business with PCs for many years. Yet they only managed to sell 24 million consoles worldwide.

Sony, who had never been in the games market, came into it and on their first attempt sold 105 million PS1s.

The Xbox 360 has only sold slightly more units than the first Xbox and racked up some 7 to 8 billion dollars over the entire 8 years in the console market.

Last gen the Xbox 360 was in last place in Japan and Europe, and second place in the US.

This gen the Xbox 360 is last place in Japan and Europe, and second place in the US.

Successful product? Don't think so.

It would be hard to come up with a bigger product disaster ever than Microsoft's Xbox. Perhaps one of the dotcom era giant media mergers that flopped.

Knightrid8083564d ago

I saw how the media were bashing Sony before but after the official unveiling of the PS3 Slim, the media was really quick to respond with negative articles and ones that don't make sense at all. If you're going to make a constructive article the least you can do is make solid and valid points, not just go DOOM!. I swear with today's internet boom, there's more pathetic journalists popping up on every site. Hell, even Forbe, whom I had respect for but until I saw the "Too Little Too Late" article.

On a last note, you hear people being laid off throughout this rough economic time but is it those irrational and uncouth journalists? No.

beardpapa3564d ago


bubbles up man


Huh? As much as I agree with you that Sony's PS1 and PS2 brands were "kings" in their generation, there were some points I disagree. Back in the days, even though they were the kings, each console had their respective games. There was a REASON to purchase a specific console. You had your mario, metroid, f-zero, and yoshi games on the N64/Gamecube. If you really wanted to try Pikmin or Animal World you'd get a Nintendo. If you wanted jrpgs from Squaresoft, Tekken, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, SoTC, and other classics you'd pick up a Playstation. And if you wanted PGR, Jade, Kotor, Halo, Fable, and MechAssault you'd pick up an Xbox.

There was really NO such thing as multiplats being the key factor to deciding which console to get. There were no articles bashing about how Metal Gear looked better on the GC than it did on the PS2. These articles instead, praised the game and told the other console owners that "hey now you guys get to enjoy this fine masterpiece."

Ok? There was a reason to pick up a different console back then. Now? No.. it's the generation of multiplats. It's the generation of Madden running at 60fps so I HAVE to get the other console because 30fps doesn't kick it. It's because I have better than 20/20 vision and can tell the difference of the blurriness in the pixels of GTA4 when I squint at the television. That's what this generation has come to. It's too bad I can't go around saying "hey, I really enjoyed Microsoft's lineup for the 360 and Sony's for the PS3." And... it's because developers have decided to make multiplats instead of making unique IPs for each respective system. Heck I think only the Wii has 'unique' games. Deadspace Extraction is still Deadspace from PS3/360, but it's a totally different game and unique to the system.

sunnygrg3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

The media always tries to take the king down, no matter who, which is a testimony of the great things Sony has done in the gaming industry.

meepmoopmeep3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

there's a big difference between forum fanboys and media sabotage

The Xbox Empire3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

It has nothing to do with the fact that Sony released a 600$ movie player disguised as a gaming console, all the lies and promises and their general "The generation starts when we say so/People will buy PS3 with no games" attitude.

Seems Sony sure has change their tune now that they're the losers. Releasing a slim in only their second year lol

Sony made their bed, and they will have to deal with it. There is no conspiracy. There are very good reasons for why people still dislike the Sony PS3.

And it still has the worst performing multiplats, inferior features online, only half as many games and just in general is the ill-treated console this gen. It can change with will not change with PS3.

meepmoopmeep3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

are you sure?

this has been happening since PS1 was announced

3564d ago
ultimolu3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

You know, stuff like this makes you hate being American at times. It's pretty clear that Sony has made mistakes but I don't see why the media has to keep beating it over their heads. They're working to correct their mistakes...I don't see what else Sony could do.

I have never seen this much hatred for any console in my entire life.

And Blaze...are you kidding me? Are you seriously kidding me? Do you actually think the PS3 needs THIS much hatred, despite the efforts Sony made to fix the problems from since launch day? PS fans are not overreacting.

This is ridiculous.

morganfell3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

You and I have had more than one disagreement over that idea and you took jabs at me over what you deemed paranoia. It is cool to see you step up and make that admission. That takes balls. Thanks.

ultimolu - absolutely. Sony stumbled out of the gate - before launch - and did a face plant. Then they started to learn some humility and worked hard to not only fix matters but they have gone to great lengths to listen to the people that matter - the gamers. However, the press said, "They're limping! Get on the boys!"

Then you have incidents like the bottom feeding owners and staff from Kotaku and their attempts to damage Sony - leeches every one of them. They can't even try to cloak that act in the robes of journalistic freedom.

I will never forget Dan Hsu laughing over the fact he selected the EGM cover of the PS3 with the tomato slammed against it:

It hadn't even launched in Europe when they selected the cover. He wrote that he "...laughed when he saw the faces of the Sony executives."

With Microsoft allocating a billion dollars to the warranty issue, with RROD (yeah I am bringing that up) a huge issue, did you ever see a 360 with RROD on the cover as the main story? Well?

Did you ever see EGM ask, "What went wrong with the 360 hardware plan?" No, of course not. They received a pass. With very few people at that magazine trying to keep the viewpoint balanced, they deserved to go under. My only regret was Dan Hsu jumped form the train right before it left the tracks.

Guido3564d ago

And now, it's coming out and getting some light shed on it. The media outlets these days are getting so bad it's hard to find a decent site for reliable and truthful information.

FamilyGuy3564d ago

One major thing that people tend to forget when reading those articles that downplay or bash the PS3 is that a lot of those U.S. loyal companies are looking out for our economy. The 360 is favored to them simply because it's American and nothing will change them because of that. They want the American console to succeed more because it means more money in our country. I doubt that they are all simply fanboys, owned by M$ or are being paid off by M$.

I'm all for Sony and couldn't really care less, they have the best system on the market period and they should really get credit for that. The downplay and bashing pisses me off more because the 360 slaps a 3 year warranty on faulty hardware and gets a free ride? Yet the PS3 system, it's games and it's online service have been improving by leaps and bounds and they are still catching an abundance of undeserved hate.

PS3 improvements:
Each new system has run cooler and used less power than the one before it, the newest model taking the cake with an entire redesign.

I'm not about to list a sh1tload of games

Online: Miles ahead of where it started, it's satisfactory to me right
now but sony is still improving it and planning more for the future and everything has been welcomed.

table3564d ago

some great comments down here. It does seem like anything positive Sony does is played down, especially by the american media and thier major media outlets like Forbes and Cnet. Shame on them. I wonder if Fox has said anything about the ps3 lol. I can imagine it be very unflattering.

jrsenkbe3564d ago

In the US SONY is foreign and lately people are trying to act high and mighty, saying only to support 'American' companies with the economy; like buy American cars only, etc... I see it every day living and working in Detroit. People forget to realize that the US isnt the super power it once was and that there are other places in the world that do things better.

DaTruth3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

You are correct, but it is worse than you are saying. If the U.S. cannot sell products like it use to, the crippling debt will implode the country. It is literally on the precipice of destruction and has almost exclusively been depending on the war economy.

So, maybe we should be a little more understanding, they are fighting against the destruction of their homeland with the only weapon they have at their disposal; Weapons of Mass Propaganda!

Ya, it's a little dark and dramatic, but true nonetheless!

LiquifiedArt3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

...I have to disagree. The US is still a superpower and pretty much the center of the world. (care to disagree?) Well its odd to disagree since the American Dollar the Global Currency and traded respetively in all markets.

I'm not saying it will stay this way. Understand the the core belief of many Rich, Controlling and powerful people, specifically the intl. bankers, is to create a world wide government with a central World Bank.. (IMF) Mr. Obama is being (directed) to de-stabalize the dollar on the global market. The entire idea of the US printing 10s of trillions of dollars (besides spurring the economy falsely)is to cause great inflation and saturation.

Do you honestly think, Barrack Obama had the IDEA to print trillions? lol. come on people. Most of the politicians signed teh bill. The bankers told them, "If you don't, we are gonna go into a worse recession. We'll pull back credit lines even more!" And while this is Definetly TRUE, it would of been for the betterment of the country in the long run. Power seeking men\women disgust me.

This means OUR KIDS, will have an impossible living condition in the US. Possibly the next depression leading to global currency. (within our lifetime for sure, maybe sooner then you think)

This eventually (sooner then later) is going to lead to a new Global Currency. MR. Obamas health care plan is already talking about taking taxation from 33%(currently) to 50% of a families income. 50% Freakin PERCENT!

The bankers that issue currency aren't friends to America, Europe, China or Russia. Understand that. As long as they can continue making the monetary policy of countries, it really doesn't matter who is the "#1 Country" its all nonsense.

Higher Taxes + Inflation + More Foreign(cheaper) Labor + Insane Immigration Policy = A failing economy. Its gonna happen.

(forgot to mention how many farmers are losing their farms in the US, since no where in the BAILOUT were they part of it)
So throw in... Food Shortages and Famine.

All happening in the near future.
Sorry for the rant...back to N4G bickering !!

Google: "The Money Masters"

mastiffchild3564d ago

I feel there are two reasons for the unfair lambasting of Sony in the western press this gen. Firstly as a western company MS is bound to have some "home team" bias from certain sites/mags and we all read in English which happens to be the language of MS and the western media. That there's a slight bias to begin with is not surprising and, in a way, is fair enough it's just that it's gone a bit too far and things like RROD were not reported as harshly as they should've been-imagine if Sony had that failure rate!

Secondly this gen is the first where the western comapny seemed to have much of a chance so the articles have more impact as previously Sony were out of sight and they'd have been pointless.

Lastly MS are firmly rooted in the PC worls and with IE the internet as well-more so than Sony and all these sites are windows based and often carry far more ads from MS because MS just spend more on ads and biting the hand that feeds is beyiond stupid unless you have a chance of being officially called out over perceived bias and the sites just don't see that as a possibility.

Whatever, it happens all the time and to deny it does is both naive and blind. The fact Sony have stayed in the game despite all this AND a stupidly arrogant attitude at launch speaks volumes for their belief in gaming and people's belief in their vision.

I'd love to see more even handed treatment as it has gone too far at times(to the point where you can predict what will come next!)but there will always be a slight MS leaning from US based sites as there's a tacit understanding that you support the local boy done good within any regional site/mag/paper. Just look at local papers and the sot ride they give to their local sports teams(inless thngs go entirely tits up!)to see what I mean-I know this from experience and it's often not a bias that you add to knowingly but it's always there. Remember, it's part of giving people what they WANT to read as well and as the 360 is the console of choice for the countries of origin for most of the stories like this isn't this what most of their gamers want to read?

The Lazy One3564d ago

The 10 things I hate... articles are a series of articles they do. They have a whole forum dedicated to it. They have one for the 360 too.

Consoldtobots3564d ago

One major thing that people tend to forget when reading those articles that downplay or bash the PS3 is that a lot of those U.S. loyal companies are looking out for our economy. The 360 is favored to them simply because it's American and nothing will change them because of that. They want the American console to succeed more because it means more money in our country. I doubt that they are all simply fanboys, owned by M$ or are being paid off by M$.

bawahahahahahha right because 360's aren't made in china and ms hasn't outsourced alot of its positions to India.

soxfan20053564d ago

People are very quick to make excuses. "Media bias" is a convenient excuse for fanboys to use because a console that they despise has sold more.

This is like a sports team blaming the umpires when they play badly.

Anon19743564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

You know what bugs me and clearly shows, in my mind, some kind of anti-Sony Bias? It's the claims of "slow PS3" sales.

Here's a test. Do a Google search for "Slow PS3 sales" and "Slow Xbox sales". You'll find a few articles about the 360 selling slow in Japan, that's about it. For slow PS3 sales, there's article after article.

Now, have a look at sales. Since 2007 till the middle of 2009 the "expensive" PS3 has outsold the 360 by over a million consoles. Check it out.

So, why exactly are there hundreds of "slow PS3" sales articles and nothing regarding the 360? Do these journalists simply not bother to fact check? Are NPD numbers the only thing they see? How can so many make such an easily avoidable mistake? All they would have to do is ask Sony "Hey, how's the PS3 selling?" "Well, just check our earnings releases. Consoles sales are right there." "Oh, we'll do that thanks!"

You want game journalism bias, start there and question "Slow PS3 sales? Slow compared to what? How come you have 50 slow PS3 sales articles, yet no slow 360 sales articles?"

edgeofblade3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Wow... and I suppose 9/11 was a hoax by the US government, Barak Obama is an illegal alien from the alpha quadrant, and the catholic church has proof we all descended from a half-machine half-human girl.

Enough with the conspiracy theories. Sony put themselves in this position when they announced the price of the PS3 and introduced Sixaxis in the shadow of the Wii. You are in denial if you think someone has it in for Sony. It's NOT Microsoft flunkies... it's just the fact that you are pigheaded, biased fanboys.

Get over it, and stop caring what everyone else thinks. Live and let game, ya know...

@Consoldtobots: If Americans had a coordinated effort to look out for our own economy, we would have bought cars from the domestic car companies we are having to bail out now. You point is tenuous at best.

pain777pas3564d ago

Sony put out the PS3 and said you have to buy it at a high price....and the rest is history. They'll find a reason to hate even now trust me. It's ridiculous I love games and if they do too stop hating and start playing.

Rapture3333563d ago

Actually the fanboyism and the bullshit articles are what make me only visit this site now on an irregular basis, I used to view it daily, but as I come back it pains me to see nothing has changed... The world of video game "journalism" is the joke of reporting.

aueslander3563d ago

....I mean really, you are fighting over a piece of plastic with elevtronic parts that in 10 years no one will give to sh!ts about. It happens every gen. Think anyone care about atari, nes, sns, snes, genesis, ps1, jaguar, dc, anymore?

Christ people grom the frack up. Getting this worked up over a piece of plastic is beyond stupid. While ou are at it, why dont you all get into a fierce debate over which is better,gi joe oys or transformer toys.

Despite what you want to believe, this things are toys TOYS since they are used to play games. I mean the most of you, when you were young did you also get into shouting matches about what was better, candy land or operation?

Seriously, they are for playing games. Play what you like, let others play what they like, and STFU. If you odnt want to do that then may i suggest you just stay quiet and then when you are in the privacy of your home you can then turn down the lights and whack off to your console of choice (similar to what jack black did in the spike vid game awards opening skit).

I swear, with all the bull schite going on in the world getting this huffed over pieces of electronics that al have been eclipsed by better speced items is as pathetic as it gets. Why not concentrate or more important things like will you have a JOB tomorrow or will your business have to shut down.


usern4g3563d ago

The press doesnt hate sony. That's a knee-jerk reaction by people with no attachment to reality.

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Pen Pooh3564d ago

This is so true. Look at all those headlines about the PS3 Slim - bash, bash, bash, bash.

Anon19743564d ago

It's nice to be reminded that not every site has lost their minds. Some still have their feet firmly planted in reality and understand the games business, but even one of those "Too little, too late" articles with nothing to back up their statements do a disservice to game journalism.

What I've personally found is that the articles that have been bashing Sony recently are so out of touch it makes you wonder what business these people think they have in commenting on the games industry at all. I mean, for the love of god, the Forbes article said that the Wii had better online over the PS3 and should press it's advantage. The WII! Has this guy ever even seen a Wii, let alone played one? Or a PS3 for that matter?

The Lazy One3563d ago

The forbes article never said that. It said it has less mature motion controls (than the Wii) and less mature online (than the 360).

chaosatom3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

I think it's the fact Sony doesn't bribe them or give them money.

on a second thought.....Ken Kutaragi might have pee'ed in their drinks. You never know.

uie4rhig3564d ago

"Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks?"
I'd love to see the face of them after that happen :) LOL


That Microsoft gave them a ton of Haterade to drink. That's why they're all like that.

cjflora3564d ago

People love to hate what's considered big. That's the whole reason we have indie music. People insist on being a part of hating what is "popular" as a way to convince themselves that they aren't a tool. The result usually ends up making them more of a tool than before. I mean, my buddy has bought 6 360's at this point. He bought a new Elite when the last one bit it, and then got the one back fixed. His elite is still working, but the one he just got back is RROD again! I love my PS3, but would like to play some of the games on the 360 as I am a gamer and there are games that look good. I refuse to purchase something that is faulty though. To be honest, this RROD fiasco has turned me into a PS3 fanboy. The fact that MS still has such a high failure rate is infuriating from a consumer stand point. What is keeping them from making the same mistake next gen? Why fix something if you clowns continue to support it?

uie4rhig3564d ago

it is the number one reason why Windows is hated.. not because its buggy, crap or whatever else.. but because MS is big and windows is big!! the rest may be high on the list, but windows being big is the #1 reason..

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chaosatom3564d ago

It's because M$ has payed half of the media.


Brainwashed them with their ads.

chaosatom3564d ago

Or maybe they are butthurt because Sony doesn't give them money.

Shadow Man3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

I'm happy they did a price drop for the ps3 slim.

But I do hate Sony Droids like Nelson M, Saaking and other for trashing the 360 for no reason. Thats why I bash ps3 articles.

Droids stop trolling and I'll stop trolling

saimcheeda3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

u hate SONY "Droids" because they own u bots all the time when u troll around in ps articles....if u stop trolling they'll stop trolling!

Saaking3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Oh look shadowman, I also hate bots that trash the PS3 for no reason. As I've said before, I'll stop trolling when I see 360 trolls stop.

Narutone663564d ago

Tell PatchStation, Light Yagami, Killcrow, POG, Soda, PP (with another account), Whydis, etc. to stop trolling the PS3 thread. Them maybe the PS3 fan boys will also stop trolling the 360 thread. It should be a two-way cease fire.

DonCorneo3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

yeah, media/journalism has its own bias and it usually has an agenda to push.

these sony haters are likely on m$'s payroll or are just fanboys.

objectivity is just hard to come by, sometimes. i know opinions would differ but there is a right and wrong opinion. ultimately, you need to form your opinions based on the facts. otherwise, you would just be spewing BS and lies -- which these haters constantly do.

Obama3564d ago

I don't seem to recall much hatred towards Sony till MS decided to enter the gaming market. I guess people like to cheer for their home team? As for me I only buy the console that offers the best games and service which is the ps3.

topdawg1223564d ago

Everyone hates a champion. How many people here hate Kobe and the Lakers? Everyone i know despises them, but there a good b ball team

SnuggleBandit3564d ago

well kobe WAS accused of rape...but another example would be Tiger Woods...almost perfect example actually...he does everything right, perfect dad, perfect husband, perfect idol, great ethics, works hard, graceful champion, yet many people bash him and would like too see him fail. And does anyone really know why??? Perhaps its because the media has made him into too big of an icon and people get tired of hearing how well he is doing ALL OF THE TIME....or just like its the case with sony haters, the world may never know.

Kill Crow3564d ago

its teh werld wide concpiracy agaisnt thony !!!!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww www

don't worry, Diet PS3 will solve everything ... anyone who couldn't afford £300 can definitly afford £250 ... except they already spent the £200 on a xbox ... Awwww ......

callahan093564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

@ Z-Hayden.

Yeah, that's true. I remember reading Jay Marrioti's article the other day about "Tiger Choked". He sounded so thrilled to be able to write about Tiger that way. Like it was a blessing to his journalistic career to have a Tiger Woods failure to write about. I mean, the asshole doesn't even bother to write about the WINNER of the event, and where he came from, what his story is, how important this is to his career. The winner is largely ignored just to focus on how Tiger screwed up?

I don't get it either. I love Tiger Woods, personally, he's my favorite athlete and I hate to see him fail. He's just a stand-up guy. Great attitude, great personality, great leadership, great skill. He's aces in my book.

Trevorthenerd3564d ago

Fighting on the internet is like the special Olympics if you win you are still retarded.

cjflora3564d ago

Once the PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys all stop trolling, there will finally be peace in the middle east.

The Killer3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

because ps3 initially was expansive and lacked games and features, the xbox fans thought that its a chance comes once in a life time, so they started the bashing non stop as if they have nothing in their life to do!! they started it i remember crystal clear!! its an american thing of destroying competition/threats!! is to destroy the image of that product/person(s) through media like they did with Michael Jackson.

as for the media, well i think the reason could be one or more or all of the below points:

1: payed by MS

2: brain infection through media/ads etc

3: Sony is not westernized company so they want to see mainly westernized companies to dominate everything

4: Sony gave competition a hard finger during a decade, so they wanted to loose their jealousy and anger on sony no matter what they did.

5: most 360 owners r bots from US&A so they like to support their home land product(its a zionist product the idiots)

da720izcumin3564d ago

so the devil worshipping company M$ payed the gaming media to hate on the ps3?


dilusional much?
stop with the conspiracy theories and buy games...stop hating on the 360 and buy games...stop hyping poop and buy games...stop the blame game and buy games...why can't just buy n play games?

SonyOwnsNextYear3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

fucc mercy on those used douches

lets rrod and e74 all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

ontopic: were in a recession, they want consumers to spend on american products.

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krouse933564d ago

Yea A bunch of Ungrateful bastards really I mean If Sony showed up and gave me a FREE PS3 slim so i could put the review on a website I would take that offer and praise it asap.

RememberThe3573564d ago

I'm with you on that.

Sony: Here's your free PS3 Slim! Have fun!


ReBurn3564d ago

Seriously? The fact that Sony provides consoles to media outlets for reviews means that it should positively impact the review? Seriously?