Rumour - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned coming to PS3 [Update]

PS3 EU Mod, Yaster, has apparently confirmed that a PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is at GamesCom. Better yet, it's playable apparently.

Update: This aint as big, but EB Games have listed the strategy guide for The Ballad of Gay Tony for 360, PC and… wait for it …PS3. This is starting to snowball a bit.

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saint_john_paul_ii3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

$50 million, for nothing, but to allow R* to fund for a PS3 exclusive. bad Business from MSFT at its finest. If i was the one handling that money, it could of gone to a new IP. Instead its Sony whos funding a New IP with R*.

3559d ago
StanLee3559d ago

As has been reported a number of times and detailed in a 2007 Take Two earnings report, the 50 million dollars was a loan and if Microsoft did not recoup from the sales of the timed-exclusive DLC, Rockstar would have to pay that money back.

FarEastOrient3559d ago

The producer of Final Fantasy VS 13 is one of Sony's biggest fanboys besides Hideo Kojima, so the chances of that game going multi-platform is very low.

Final Fantasy XIV going mulit-platform, sure if Microsoft gets rid of some the rules that Xbox Live has in place.

It's just like saying Bioware will release Mass Effect for the PS3, if EA pushes hard enough than the PS3 version would be released with both games on the same disk.

50CALheadshot3560d ago

"ms tactics will backfire just like all their other tactics so far in the video game industry..."

HAHA effin microbots...u and ur system are doomed

kaveti66163560d ago

It amuses me that you think it really matters. Does a piece of plastic junk that plays games and movies matter to you so much that you log onto a website to act like an indecent person. Might as well tell us how much more money you make than anybody else; rub everything the faces of a bunch of people who bought a different console than you. It really matters. Keep deluding yourself. Keep thinking that this is important. Keep spending. Keep working for money so you can keep spending it on products and accessories for a company that you think loves you. Sony loves you.

NaiNaiNai3559d ago

its becaues he has someones C-Ock jabbed halfway threw his head.

shocky163559d ago

I gotta admit, I ****ing lol'ed.

topdawg1223559d ago

NIce, i was waitin for this

50CALheadshot3559d ago

lol i said it b4 n ill say it again
bluray, blutooth, 1080p, wifi, 120gig hdd, sony exclusives, multimedia, reliability, TRUE next gen software for 300 dollars


rrod, e74, live fees, no wifi, no blutooth, no bluray, scratched disks, loud, no exclusives, last gen games, 6o gighdd, for 300 dollars + 40 for live.

with every passing day, the ps3 pushes gamers to the next level....and while doing that and pushing the gaming industry forwards, the 360 becomes smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. 360 cant keep up anymore. 360 is outclassed in features and functions, reliability and value per dollar.

With every day that goes by the 360 is closer to becoming extinct and useless when compared to sonys offerings...just like your precious hddvd

PS3 ftw microbots

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Rich16313560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I think it is a tad too late for this, honestly. Yeah, GTAIV was cool and all a year and a half ago but we got Uncharted 2, Halo:ODST, and Modern Warefare 2 in a few months. We also got MAG, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Bioshock 2 in early 2010.

table3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Don't underestimate the appeal of GTA. If this turns out to be true and they decided on a disc release, it will sell heap loads. Now with the ps3 slim releasing there will be a lot more people out there who would love to play this and have still yet to play the original GTA4 even. I for one would love to play this.

Dragun6193560d ago

Yea it might have a negative effect on MS in the future, but as it right right now, they gained the upper sales on Xbox360. MS is only concern with trying to secure Third Party Titles this gen. (FFXII, Tekken 6, MGS:R)
But with Sony, they choose to produce new IP's rather than have timed exclusives like GTA4 and in return they got Agent.

LeonSKennedy4Life3559d ago


Uncharted, Resistance, and inFamous mean nothing to you?

mrv3213559d ago

So... by scure third party title what you actually mean is making them multiplatform which keeps their side happy and stopping buying the PS3.

Digitaldude3559d ago

GTA IV was cool for a week. Then it sucked.

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