How Would You Change the Wii?

With the recent PS3 redesign and XBox 360 price drops, the Nintendo Wii is still the same price and features minimal new functionality since its release.
How would you change what Nintendo is doing with the Wii? What would you improve? What would make you buy one (if you haven't already)? From user interface and controls, to hardware and software, to Nintendo's marketing & business… all topics are open for discussion. Leave comments in the article. A follow up article will be available in September with the results.

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qface643559d ago

that's not really a change since that really just depends on what a person finds hardcore

anyways personally i would add some kind of hard drive that's about it oh and get rid of FC's

TruthbeTold3559d ago

they can release a double usb port plug in piece that upgrades it to potential 720p resolution, and for $100 or less, I think we're just waiting for the next generation and content to play the strong efforts released between now and then.

Samus HD3559d ago

that's right with Upgrade for graphic, only that is that Wii stops