Hydrophobia: First look at the game that's going against the flow

According to Blade Interactive's Pete Jones, "games have got to be done differently, it's got to change. People are looking at next generation like last generation, but we need a different way of thinking. We've got to show gamers something different." Not the words you'd necessarily expect to come from the head of a studio whose biggest hit has been a Snooker simulator.

But Blade Interactive's latest project - Hydrophobia - aims high. Recruiting talent who've worked on Splinter Cell and Fable 2, a genuine astrophysicist, people from the movie biz and letting loose the imagination of a team limited to making baize look brilliant in high-definition, it's rare to come across such genuine excitement in a development team.

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sumfood4u4186d ago

Depends on Timimg, an what's Hot!

Siesser4185d ago

See, now this sounds new and DIFFERENT, which is good. Seems like a mix of Poseidon + Die Hard - guns + Michael Crichton's PREY (great book, btw).

Look forward to hearing more about this.

Covenant4185d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Good description of the game. BTW, it's interesting to note that "hydrophobia" is another term for "rabies."

hamburgerhill4185d ago

It sounds as if they really want to immerse us in the game unlike ever before! I can't wait to hear more and see if this water is as fluid as they say it will be!

cartman3134185d ago

Looks like a cool game. The whole keeping her calm thing was also used in Eternal Darkness. Which was a nice effect. The water looks great.

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