Online Retailers Limiting PS3 Slim Pre-Orders

IGN's Jim Reilly writes: The majority of online retailers have begun listing PlayStation Slim pre-orders in preparation for the console's launch on September 1st. But it appears many stores are unsure what kind of demand to expect from North American consumers.

Amazon's listing is limiting customers to one pre-order per household, saying the PS3 Slim is in great demand.

"As you may know, the PlayStation 3 120 GB is in great demand," the listing says. "In an effort to provide as many customers as possible with the opportunity to purchase PlayStation 3 120 GB, we are limiting the total number of PlayStation 3 120 GB units that can be purchased. As a result, each household may only purchase one PlayStation 3 120 GB unit."

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chaosatom3566d ago

Sony needs to be prepared for the holiday season.

meepmoopmeep3566d ago

yeah, but i'm sure they know this

i know i'll have one under my tree
wish it was for me though, lol

chaosatom3566d ago

they can't keep up with Japanese people's demand. :)

The-Warranty3566d ago

Micro must be sh!tting bricks.

The-Warranty3566d ago

I hope doubling production was enough
people might want the ps3 way more than sony thought

krouse933566d ago

I plan on buying a Second PS3 now that they are so cheap.

SpaceSquirrel3566d ago

I might sell my old unit for the ps3 slim.

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