The Cars of Forza Motorsport 2

The spreadsheets Teamxbox has put together will provide valuable performance data on each car. Cars are put into classes based on five parameters:

Speed - This is about raw horsepower. A car with large displacement or running big boost will excel in this area.

Acceleration - This has less to do with horsepower and more to do with how effectively the power gets to the pavement and vehicle weight.

Braking - This is tied heavily into vehicle weight for the lower classes, and is more about large rotors, race compound pads and heat dissipation in the higher classes.

Handling - Things such as center of gravity, weight, drivetrain layout, spring stiffness and tire choice play a large role in this statistic.

Rarity - This number represents the likelihood of ever seeing one of these machines. Each car has a general rarity (Regional Rarity is for the Career Mode).

Each of the above car parameters is based on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the highest. Cells highlighted in yellow show the highest numbers in a particular class, which gives a good glimpse at the top performers, and those cars that are on the brink of heading into another class.

If you pay attention to the data below while reviewing the accompanying screenshots, you'll see that each vehicle has a number somewhere below 1000 associated with it. This is how well the car stats up in the class, and is directly related to each vehicles core statistics, plus any mods that you do on top of the base vehicle. Once a car is modified beyond the 1000 point mark, it jumps up in class.

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elliot_4492d ago

wow great...thats are lot of cars:O

iHeretic4492d ago

Thanks this helps me alot when i need to buy new cars!

P4KY B4492d ago

If i'm reading this correctly they have a 2004 VW beetle outhandling an Integra DC2 Type R !! WTF?

And as for the Astra VXR, it handles like its got an elastic steering rack and it gets a 3.9. LOL

I own an ITR DC2 and make my friends VXR look stupid on the bends every weekend. I just hope the game will allow me to do the same.

PS360PCROCKS4492d ago

wow that's a very good article that's really cool because it tells you more than just throwing HP and Torque numbers at you. It gives you an idea in the game how every car stacks up because HP and Torque are only numbers and don't always mean performance