PlayStation architect to retire amid broader struggles for Sony

SAN JOSE, Calif. The chief architect of Sony Corp.'s flagship PlayStation game console will retire in June as the company struggles to retain dominance in the video game industry and revive its flagging reputation as an electronics and entertainment pioneer.

Ken Kutaragi, 56, an icon among gamers, will step down as Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s chairman and group chief executive. He will be replaced by Kazuo Hirai, now president and chief operating officer of the division.

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marionz6260d ago

i agree that there isnt huge numbers of girl gamers going for sony consoles, never thought of that befor but noen of my female friends like playing playstation
but hey the pink ps2 is a start i guess

killasssj4086260d ago

haha xbox 360 is winning the war hahahahaha
nah sony struggles to retain dominance in the video game industry
yup yup yup yup yup yup yup

QuackPot6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

Too many mistakes(delay, price, underestimating the competition, ignoring the developers).

The Ps3 should have been released at the same time as the xbox 360, with no blu-ray and the same price.

Ken caused these costly mistakes but Sony will still prevail. Afterall, we're only into month 7 of a 10 year projected life cycle and we still haven't had the proven hit franchises or new ones, and an ever improving net service.

The same mistakes won't be made with the Ps4, so this is Micro$oft's last chance to win the next gen console war.

NewZealander6260d ago

unfortunatly hes left a hell of a mess to clean up
hes kind of like the george bush of sony

VirtualGamer6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

More and more developers are coming out saying DVD is not enough.

Dan Houser the Creative VP at Rockstar Games stated the following back in 2004 long before the specs for the PS3 or 360 where announced.

"One area that I’m really involved in is creating the audio assets – I think we’ll have well over 400 speaking parts, which is insanity. The amount of studio time we’re having to get through and the amount of writing that’s involved, we’re more worried about getting it on the disc. That’s our initial challenge. We’re having to go to dual layer DVD because we’ve already filled up a full DVD."

He sums it up:

"The danger is currently the storage medium (DVD), and one we thing we’re all praying for in the next round of hardware is that they don’t just go, ‘It’s DVD again’."


The only one that ignored developers and rushed to market was MS. They wanted to be out before Sony. They felt that was all they needed to win the war was to be first and be cheaper. The verdict is still out on if that truly is the winning formula. Currently the difference between 360 and PS3 is 7 million give or take.

This is not the first time Sony has been in this position.

I honestly feel that over the long haul Sony will win because

1. They choose to include Blu-ray instead of DVD.

2. They choose to include a HDD in every unit.

Remember its not how good you start it how well you finish. Something the press seems to forget, every time Sony launches a new console they questions did they do the right thing? See CrazzyMan comments below. Also Bathyj has some good comments as well.

Until MS has sold over 25 million 360's they have not even increased its overal market share that they had with the original Xbox. MS has done well so far but has it been enough and will the decision to be first and only go with DVD for short term gain hurt them long term? I really do feel they messed up by not including a HDD in ever SKU.

spacetoilet6260d ago

You know 360 is NOT ever going to be a dominant console, lets face it. The Wii? Well yeah I love Nintendo too, and graphics certainly are not everything, (though I must say, the Wii gfx are SH!TE) but Sony has positioned the ps3 to be a multi purpose machine. Especially if Blu-ray vs HD-DVD continues as it is (with HD_DVD losing) they are set well for a long successful future. Yes it's expensive right now. Yes, 360 has tons more games right now. But it's only been 7 months and it's moving FAST.
Plus, Microsoft just plain sucks a$$ for consoles.
Bring on the fight.

marionz6260d ago

how can you say MS wont dominate and sony will?
i would love to have a crystal ball so i can see what you do...but at the moment its just your opinion
both companies have had their fair share of screw ups, as for the wii yeah i agree its not in the running for next gen visuals but it sells well regardless
how people can hate one yet love the other is beyond me, ps3 and xbox are close as far as visuals go, ill give the edge to MS at this point for their bright colourfull crisp graphics and games line-up

Saint Sony6260d ago

Just for your info, even if Blu-ray wins (I kinda hope it will).. there still will be several SEPARATE blu-ray players. We don't have to buy PS3 to watch movies.

Bathyj6260d ago

I also dont agree that Sony haven't expanded the market. Sony is the reason videogames outperforms Hollywood. Sony is the reason M$ said "Oooooo I wouldn't mind a piece of that pie."

They took this industry that at one time was thought to be only for kids and dragged it into the mainstream. Its so easy for everyone to just turn on them so quickly after 12 years of dominating, delivering and performing just because they've released an expensive console but I just think credit where credit is due.

BTW lots of girls I know love the eyetoy, buzz, singstar and guitar heroes games, not traditional computer games. Apparently Singstar is also very popular in Europe so expect that to do big things when its released.

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Europe software sales | May 2024 | EA FC 24 #1, Ghost of Tsushima #4, Hellblade 2 missed 'Top 100'

"This is GSD figures, which tracks all digital game sales from most major publishers (Nintendo data is absent), and physical game sales in all major European markets."

"The No.1 selling game in May this year was EA Sports FC 24, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5. F1 2024 races in at No.3. The PC release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut sends the PlayStation game up to No.4."

"11.6 million PC and console games were sold across European markets in May. Compared with the same five week period in 2023, that's a drop of nearly 17%."

"Hellblade 2, System Shock Remake, and the Rogue Prince of Persia all missing out on the Top 100."

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Einhander197212h ago

I need an xbox fan to explain to me how Hellblade didn't even enter the top 100 since Game Pass doesn't effect sales and you guys are all just using the service as a trial to buy the games later.... /s (for sigh)

Also tell me again how 3.5 M sales first month for FF was bad...

If Microsoft didn't buy the developer this could have been a multiplatform game and if they wanted they still could have got it day 1 on Game Pass.

If I worked at Ninja Theory I'd be sprucing up my resume right about now.

MNRC238h ago

Why are you more concerned about Microsoft’s financials than Microsoft?

CrashMania3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Think it's pretty obvious to most that Hellblade 2 was a flop, it was setup to fail by skipping playstation and being sent to die on gamepass, especially on a platform where they openly mock playstation 'movie games', this being way more movie than any PS game.

Cacabunga4h ago

Here we go.. too much barking about EA CEO getting a big bonus when the same ones are buying his games. So pathetic

terrorofdeath2h ago

Interesting that EAFC 24 still made top sales, considering it was the free game on PS+. Unless that counts as a purchase?