5 Reasons Eternal Darkness Is Still Gaming's 'Citizen Kane'

Even seven years since it's release, Silicon Knights' Gamecube title, Eternal Darkness, still remains as a model of stellar game development. Whether or not you have an aversion to software on any of Nintendo's platforms, a product of this magnitude cannot be denied. Without becoming a commercial success(even though it's worked itself into this journalist's wallet three or four times), Eternal Darkness has been influential in the way stories are told interactively. For those that do not know, the game's story follows the paths of twelve different characters- all in various time periods ranging from 26BC to 2000AD. It is described by Wikipedia as a "third-person psychological horror" game and is often compared loosely to the Resident Evil series. In it's own right, though, Eternal Darkness has a variety of spectacular characteristics.

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