Seriously, guys, FFX-2 isn't all that bad

Over at Destructoid they are taking a look at this aging relic of the Final Fantasy series, the game is nearly 4 years old now and yet is still causing waves. Hit the jump to find out why Final Fantasy X-2 isn't that bad, why you didn't like it, and why it's important in the grand scheme of things.

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Bigmac5734494d ago

Though I can see why there's so much dissidence amongst FF fans about it. To each their own, I suppose.

Nascasho4494d ago

I played it once and thought it was... cool. It's more of a very long side quest thats just cool to play than anything. If you played FFX them buy or rent FFX-II. There's also multiple endings, I never did gt the good one... :(

carlman234494d ago

But the fact that you had to basically sit down with the strategy guide open on your lap in order to play was pretty darned lame...

sumfood4u4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

FFX-2 Amazing, Nice, Different, closes the chapter of FFX series if you get the 100% perfection. Which I didn't get until I beat the game the 1st time, than I look at the strategy guide. Don't forget people waited in line when FFX-2 came out like 20+, as for FFXII there was like 5 people in line. Believe It!

Bonsai12144494d ago

i always liked this game. the battle system i believe was the best in the series, and its looking like its pace will be reflected in ffxiii. story was kind of a let down, because it softened the story of ffx, which was stellar.