Will P-day Mark the Beginning of the End for the Console wars?

With the imminent release of the Playstation 3 Slim model releasing in just 11 days, many Sony Fanboys are calling it P-Day, the day which shall see the begin of the end to the current gen console war.

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Go Gaming Giant3562d ago

it does bring up some good points

muddy94943562d ago

I agree with you. And I cant wait for the PS3 Slim!

chaosatom3562d ago

People just go out and buy a new one as if nothing happened.

Now only if Sony can put some gigantic ads and get those consumers to buy the ps3 slim, then it will really skyrocket their sales among the xbox community.

Fishy Fingers3562d ago

"it does bring up some good points "

Nothing like a little self promotion huh. :)

darthv723562d ago

Only way for a 360 owner to switch when that happens is if there was a bluescreen saying: "You have just suffered the dreaded red ring of death. Forget getting it fixed for free from Microsoft. Go buy a PS3 instead."

Something like that you have in mind?

sonic9893562d ago

i am really happy for sony and i hope the ps3 slim sells great
off topic :
you cant compare this cheap piece of plastic with old ps3s ( i got the sixty GB model ) it just looks cheap sooo cheap
anyway it will be a good buy for those cheap xbox wii owners who dreamed about a ps3 but seriously i cant even consider it a ps3 ( in the same class as my PS3 ( good looking ) ) but in the end i wish all the success for sony for being the best ( now sega bring sonic back ) ( kojima make mgs FIVE on PS3 only ) and any exclusives are welcomed

frnkyl3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

That would make a great ad XD

Immortal Kaim3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Meh... I wouldn't be taking much notice of fanboys, I think we should see how things pan out before declaring an 'end to the console war'. We all know how that turned out for Bush... :)

Cold 20003562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Yeah of course nobody uses the warranty...

But of course when a PS3 or a Wii breaks down they use the warranty but funny enough when its the 360 they dont use the warranty...weird logic you have...

And that would mean that the 360 sales are inflated because of RROD

Well in that case that means the PS3 is doing CATASROPHIC in software sales cuz like u said people buy multiple 360's wich means the 360 isntall base is 1/3 too big (33% RROD) -----> that means in reality theres 20 million 360's out there.

Dont be stupid, think before you post.

fishd3562d ago

fallout:war, war never changes

MGS 4 :war, war has changed

KZ 2 :war, war perfected

CadDad3562d ago

Chaos, I'm not sure getting 360 converts is the market they are after.

There are upwards of 50-100 million (guess) PS2 owners out there sitting and waiting for this gen still. I think a drop in price caters to them far more than someone who already jumped into this gen.

Time will tell for sure though.


3562d ago
ArmrdChaos3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Funny how sooooo many b*tch about the doom and gloom articles about the PS3...yet now that the shoe is on the other foot it is perfectly ok. Yep...them corporate cheerleaders(on all sides) are a funny breed. Maybe if everyone just bought their systems, played their games, and shut the h*ll up about the rest then the world (and this site) would be a much better place.

Sarcasm3562d ago

This was a decent article. But what I don't get is how they claim the console war is almost 5 years?

The 360 has been out 4 years, but the "war" didn't start until the PS3 actually launched. It's only been 2 years and 3/4. 3 Years in November.

And what the author is also forgetting, the PS3 launched 6 months later in EU, so the 360 had a year and a half start in Europe, yet the PS3 caught up to it's install base.

People are always forgetting about Eu it seems. (Or the rest of the world for that matter) The 360's home territory is the U.S.

And I've said this a billion times, but when GT5 launches especially in Eu. Our European brethren will flock to it like seagulls at a cracker factory. And since the ps3 is now 249 euros, they won't think twice before buying it.

MTEC83562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

sounds retarded, yeah I want the Slim as much as the next guy but P-Day? Come on, really!?

chaosatom3562d ago

I am not saying that each one of the 33% people who suffer RROD buy a new 360. Most of them get it fixed for free.

But there are still lots of people who buy a new 360 say about 5-10% once their 360 gets RROD.

Software sales for PS3 and 360 are getting to be the same, so what does that tell you?

Guido3561d ago

They knew that people would buy another console and for those that were going back to the store for in-store warrantees, all that did was boost the overall sales numbers for MS so when the NPD was released each month they could gloat. This gen has been all about MS digging at Sony and nothing more. They were bitter about the bad spanking they got last gen that they thought heck, let's just focus on digging at Sony this gen then maybe next gen bring out the real deal. This gen for MS was not about the gamer, it was about them and nothing more. So MS thanks all us beta testers for helping them all along...

rockleex3561d ago

P-Day actually stands for P*ssy Day.

The day when all fanboys can finally leave their mom's basement to go out, get laid, and stop flaming each other on the internet.

But unfortunately, P-Day takes place in 2013. One year after the end of the world.

Too bad we will never see the day when fanboys no longer plague the internet. :(

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Fullish3562d ago

Of course not, it'll just add a cheaper alternative.

chaosatom3562d ago

um he is not really asking a question. It's just a attention grabber.

He is just saying that sales will go through roof. You're not suppose to literally interpret it or apply logic.

Mr_Controversy3562d ago

BECAUSE UNLIKE THE PS3 WHEN YOU GET A YLOD, YOU DON'T NEED TO REFORMAT THE WHOLE DAMN THING and have everything wiped out! With the Xbox 360, your HARD-EARNED PLAYING TIME DOESN'T GET ERASED. You simply take out the HDD and get an Xbox 360 Arcade with all your memory STILL THERE!

Either way, you still save money over the dust-magnet.

leyego3562d ago

thats a BS excuse. update ur damn data and u wont lose everything u did. thats y u have that option.

Narutone663562d ago

Ever heard of backup? Right, now just shut up.

Sarcasm3562d ago

lol Mr. Controversy got owned.

Yes, there's a small thing called "Back-up" which saves all the game saves and photos, music, and everything except the downloadable games, (which can be re-downloaded anyway)

Mr_Controversy3561d ago

Why would I have purchase another $100 HDD to back up my saves. With Xbox 360 that isn't even needed. You got owned! LOL.

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Go Gaming Giant3562d ago

This does make me want to buy the PS3 slim a bit more but I'm still not totally there, just can't bring myself to do it

Orange3562d ago

"they wouldn’t have to compromise between Blu-ray/Home/built-in web browser and Xbox Live/Halo/Gears"

"they wouldn't have to compromise between Blu-ray/Killzone 2/MSG4/LBP and Xbox Live/Halo/Gears"