Vista draining Laptop Batteries and Patience

Some of Microsoft's most important customers aren't happy with the battery life offered by notebooks running Windows Vista. In this article by ZDNet, they found that companies such as Hewlett-Packard and AMD were finding the problem "a little scary".

The problem only affects Windows Vista when it is using the Aero Glass interface, with it turned off the power consumption is the same or even better than that for Windows XP. It seems that those users who care about battery life are "forced to run the aesthetic equivalent of Vista Basic, the low-cost version of Vista". Even if they spent more money on their hardware to handle the Premium version.

HP have decided to come up with their own set of power management settings for Vista laptops as a solution. Microsoft doesn't seem too deterred by HP's decisions and criticism, saying that, "We actively encourage companies to customize the default power profiles so that users get the most out of their hardware".

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calderra4273d ago

Oh. My. God.
Using a heavy graphical interface in a graphic-intensive OS that is itself a pretty big resource hog causes your laptop to expend its battery in a shorter time-frame than normal?

Come on, people. Win 95 drained laptops faster than 3.1, as did 98 as opposed to 95, as did (skipping some steps) XP as opposed to 98. Oh but no, THIS time it's a wild and evil conspiracy because Microsoft hates you and they want to destroy the world with their evil gluttony!

It's not at all that if you want to save battery power on your laptop, that you should FREAKIN' TURN OFF AERO UNTIL YOU GET A PROPERLY EQUIPPED LAPTOP THAT CAN DEAL WITH THE EXTRA LOAD.

No, no, that's not it at all.

ITR4273d ago

Just buy a new lappy

Or a better battery pack.

sumfood4u4273d ago

BESIDES HALO?????????????????????????? ??/

gta_cb4273d ago

ummm... i dont see MS complaining, this article is ABOUT MS's Vista.

gta_cb4273d ago

yeh well the battery life in laptops isnt very good ANYWAY unless you spend about £800+ that then the battery life listed on the product normally says average or max which is of course if you have just turned on the thing and left it on the desktop doing nothing.

i expect someone that hates windows will do an article saying games on Vista eats battery life or something, even though of course when your playing games it going to make your CPU and GPU run harder which of course will run the battery life down aswell.

its commen sence REALLY! and there are ways around it, just like it says in the article.

Neutral Gamer4273d ago

I agree with the general consensus of the comments posted here; it's only to be expected that a new operating system will use up more processing power and hence battery power.

The important thing is that companies like Hewlett-Packard, as it says in the article, have found work arounds to the problem. More interesting though was the claim that laptops will be the dominant product in the hardware sector in coming years, overtaking the good old desktop PC. That means that gradually more and more applications will have to be designed and optimised for use on a portable system.

At the moment I don't like the idea of buying a laptop cos it's so hard to upgrade certain parts of it such as the graphics card or processor. But some of them do look pretty snazzy, like the small Sony Vaios and Apple MacBooks. I hope manufacturers implement a new hardware upgrade system for them and then they'll be more desirable to the desktop fanatics, of which I am one!

I've got 3 monitors, 2 graphics cards, semi-transparent case, loads of lights and coloured fans and 6.1 speakers - I'm pretty happy at the moment, a laptop would have to be pretty special to make me wanna cross over to the "other side" !

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