Spider-Man 3 Breaks Opening Day Record

Spider-Man 3 cast the widest web ever-over 10,000 screens at 4,252 theaters-and nabbed the all-time biggest gross for a single day: an estimated $59 million on Friday...

By shattering the opening day record, Spider-Man 3 followed the path of the first two movies in the franchise as Spider-Man's $39.4 million and Spider-Man 2's $40.4 million set new benchmarks. Adjusted for ticket price inflation, those days would equal around $45 million and $43 million, respectively...

Additionally, Spider-Man 3 raked in $45 million overseas on Friday. Combined with domestic's $59 million, the sequel pulled in $104 million worldwide, the highest-grossing day ever for a single picture...

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techie4183d ago

grrrrrrrrrrrr read the reports guys who are approving. It undermines this site if you do not. Pointless

Amplifier4183d ago

That is still alot of clams for first day opening!


MySwordIsHeavenly4183d ago

I thought it was an amazing movie.

Why did everyone hate it?

Keyser4181d ago

I thought it was a good movie also but it could have been better. There was too much going on. It actually would have been better if it were Spiderman 3 then Spiderman 4. That would have allowed them to get more in depth with each story.
You can't always make a great movie with one series. The Spider Man Trilogy is now equivalent to the Godfather Trilogy. The first was good, the second was better, and the third was not bad just not as good as the first two.
I still believe it was entertaining and worth the price of admission. I will be getting the bluray when it comes out.

Boink4183d ago

whoever approved this FOR A GAMING AND TECH SITE, should have their contributor status revoked.


Inasid4182d ago

I agree, it's very borderline that so much news come out about Blu-ray vs HD-dvd but both consoles use them. As far as the box office releases of the movie industry getting approved, well I guess it's time we start warming up our reviews of films if this keeps up. Note if you are interested in movies, is a great site for all movie information not

Diselage4183d ago

This doesn't belong on this site, stop posting on here so the Temp. doesn't go up any higher than it already has.

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The story is too old to be commented.