GameSpot Staging First PS3 Tournament

Today, GameSpot announced its first PlayStation 3 tournament, centered around Sony Worldwide Studios president's Phil Harrison's favorite game--Motorstorm. Registration for the creatively named MotorStorm Tournament Challenge began today, and will continue through 12 p.m. PDT on Monday, May 7.

One hour after registration closes, the first round of the MotorStorm Tournament Challenge will begin, with seven more throughout the day. In each round, 10 players will compete on five different tracks. Only the five fastest players from each race will advance to the next round.

The final four top-ranked players of the tournament will be flown to San Francisco for the finals on May 18th at 4 p.m. PDT. The final round will be broadcast on Tournament TV, and the winner will be rewarded with the grand prize package, worth some $1,000.

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timmyp534237d ago

i gotta practice... no chance in hell i can participate

sumfood4u4236d ago

More people play Motorstorm, over VF, like at Game Crazy they host Super Smash Brother Melee on Gamecube Tournament's! Game's with competetion's goes along way!

Premonition4236d ago

Hopefully Gamespot gets a special patch for this tournament cause I know a few people will use the boost glitch sadly :(

lil bush4236d ago

just bought the game 5 days ago, so i got to go pratice