Call of Heroes to go from PC to Wii

In what may be the first game to be ported directly from PC to Wii, Data Design Interactive today announced it will bring Call of Heroes to Nintendo's newest console after it's released for the PC next month.

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Neutral Gamer4492d ago

You don't see that very often I've got to admit. The 360 and PS3 are pretty powerful machines so they can do a good port of a PC game. I'll be very interested to know how it'll look on the Wii version compared to the PC, especially as the Wii's graphics are more akin to a "GameCube 1.5" and were never really the focus for Nintendo compared to the gaming experience.

ITR4492d ago

I believe IGN has already posted screenshots of the Wii game.

They look pretty dam good to me.

ChickeyCantor4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

nope you saw the Pc version.....
but looking @ the GFX..i think the Wii should be able to handle that.

The Wii hardware/consoles are suppose to work with low latency, while PC's suffer allot from latency issues.
Even it is a PC game, it doesn't mean it has to be downgraded for a console.
unless its a DirectX10 or something like that game and its being ported to the Wii, then you can absolutely say it has to be downgraded.

sumfood4u4491d ago

PC hits the Wii making history, an pretty intresting to see how it goes! BTW why haven't they made CITY OF HEROS, OR CITY OF VILLIANS on another system besides the PC yet?