ZTGD Special Feature: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Quick Look

ZeroTolerance writes: "With our consoles constantly being connected to the internet, updating the features they offer has become quite an event for both Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox 360 recently received its largest updates since the inception of the NXE (New Xbox Experience) and with it comes a slew of new features and functions for the users to enjoy. While it does not bring the promised social media experiences from this year's E3 conference, what is here is worth noting, especially in regards to digital download games. In this article we are taking a look at some of the features, and how they will affect your Xbox experience over the months to come."

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GiantEnemyCrab3564d ago

Nice overview. One of the best I've seen for a "quick look".

I'm excited to see if any additional features will be added to the already announce list come this fall when the second part launches.