Why Did Sony Take So Long to Revamp the PS3?

There's been much hand-wringing about the PS3's price and the fact it needed a cheap revamp ever since it launched in 2006. But here's the thing--Sony didn't drag its feet on the issue at all, especially if you look at the PS2's history.

Until yesterday, Sony's PlayStation 3 was the most expensive console on the market (that spot is now held by the Xbox 360 Elite, but probably not for long) and it was a huge clunky beast. Now it's a sprightly, skinny, quiet little number sporting a few less facilities (third party OSs for example) but also a nicely trimmed unit price: $299 for a 120GB version. It's a welcome move, it'll undoubtedly bump sales of the machine, and it's a very definite answer to the online clamor begging for something like this to happen for years.

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Nitrowolf23565d ago

i think sony was waiting for a good opportunity to reveal it. Plus wasnt the new size chip design this year? if so, sony probaly wanted to wait until enough of the old ps3 were off of shelves

anh_duong3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

attention seeking headline

drdre743565d ago

It was just common for Sony. If you look at the the history. PS2 slim came out 3 years after the fat one. PSP slim came out around 2-3 years after the first one. They've been doing it for years this way. Things get cheaper to make after that time period also.

yoghurt3565d ago

I'm assuming this is a joke?
The PS3 has only been out in Europe for 2.5 years, to get a slim and a total of £200 price drop and double the hard drive in that time is pretty good going.

Nineball21123565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

If you would have even just read the description, you would have known they were being sarcastic with the title..

Edit @ disagree(s): *facepalm*

Fine... I'll play along. *cough*... Hey! WTH? It's only been out a few years! What did these guys expect! Harumph! Harumph!!

pure pwnage243565d ago

first bring out the exclusive games and really show it off and get recognition
2nd show the hardware and emphasize the games again (E3 2009)
3rd create rumors on a slim to get people hyped up
4th announce the slim

it was a simple plan and scheme by Sony and they'll be watching the money roll in.

Cajun Chicken3565d ago

Psst. Look how much the price of BD-ROM drives have gone down over the YEARS. That could be a good reason why.

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