Gears of War Multiplayer Problems - Where is everyone? are reporting that they and other users are having problems with the new multiplayer maps that were recently released for Gears of War. They said that normally "tons of games" would be listed when searching for multiplayer games to play but that they were only finding one or two. The Gears of War official forums are cited to back up their claims.

They've e-mailed Epic Games for an answer and are currently waiting for a reply. Judging by some of the comments made by readers of the article one of the possible reasons for the problem could simply be that not that many people have bought the new maps and are waiting for them to become free.

Until an official response comes from Epic though, there's no hard evidence for what the source of the problem is.

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consolecrusader4494d ago

Just maybe no one has downloaded it or paid for it or whatever....I mean if there is a reason it would be network related...

Neutral Gamer4494d ago

Yeah network reasons seem the most logical cause as people who commented on the Joystiq article also talked about similar problems with other games.

Hopefully Epic will sort this out soon and the gamers will be able to get back to their gaming. I haven't got the new maps but I might have to go and check if regular multiplayer is working OK or not ...

PhinneousD4494d ago

so are a bunch of my friends online... it's suppose to be gratis this summmer. for 10 bucks, i'll wait a couple of months.

original seed4494d ago

I have no problem joining any games at all. However, i moslty play with my friends. Im not going to wait 3 months to play these awsome maps. I love 3 of the 4. By september i will be playing Unreal Tournament3 and waiting for Halo.

waldopepper4494d ago

Yeh the same problem has been occuring for Call of Duty 3 and some other games by the sounds of it

Theo11304494d ago

do you really want to wait on the eve of halo3 for maps for gears? Just enjoy it right now while you still care, or else youll forget about it completely.

gta_cb4494d ago

they are worth the money, and if you buy them, just think of all the fun you can have with loads of new people you meet on the way =D

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The story is too old to be commented.