New Suikoden Patent Discovered; A Possible Remake?

JPS Reports: "We recently discovered a new patent for Konami for something called "Genso Suikoden." Obviously, this is something new for the Suikoden series, but the question is, what could this be?"

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TheColbertinator3565d ago

I liked Tierkris but we need a console Suikoden now

ShawnCollier3565d ago

Methinks this is the North America version of that.

Chris3993565d ago

And you're probably right. I was hoping for a real remake (not a PSX enhanced port) or new chapter of the series though.

DrWan3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Genso Suikoden is actually the Japanese name for Suikoden.

Suikoden (水滸伝) is based on popular Chinese literature of the same name about 108 hero bandits evading/fighting the dynasty government.

The word Genso (幻想) means "imagaine" or "make-believe".

So this is a imaginary world version of Suikoden.

So actually the word Genso Suikoden (幻想水滸伝) is really just the original japanese name for Suikoden.

Rather or not they have to "register" for the name again to be release on the PSN download, i am not sure.It could just be online version that u can dL from PSP store.

ExcelKnight3564d ago

The only problem about that is the game is already on PSN.

The trademark's classification talks of online integration of the game, much like the one for Tierkreis talked of networking in-game (and we got a half-assed "multiverse" in that game with almost no real benefit to the game).

By the by, this trademark's been known since late June. Suikosource has a posting dating from back then and the trademark has only recently had some activity.