In-Depth: Peter Molyneux On The Importance Of Choice

Lionhead co-founder and Microsoft Game Studios Europe creative director Peter Molyneux previewed the concepts behind the upcoming Fable III at GDC Europe.

But before that, he gave a fascinating Gamasutra-attended series of comments on choice, one of the key facets of the Populous and Black & White creator's 20-year body of work.

As Molyneux explained, choice is a mechanic which has "created this unique divide... between movies, books and other traditional media [and games]". It's something that linear artforms can't really replicate.

He pinpointed his fascination with choice to his watching of the James Bond movies when he was young. When the movie bad guy "has spent years building up this world domination base", only to see it destroyed with a button press, Molyneux felt bad. And he asked himself -- what if things could be different?

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