SFX-360: NHL 2K10 Review

SFX-360 writes: "September 15th is almost here and the battle for hockey supremacy is about to begin. Last year it wasn't even close as NHL 09 took the top spot but this year looks to be different. NHL 2K9 was not the hockey game hardcore fans or new players wanted to play. Visual Concepts took all the criticisms of 2K9 to heart and is now trying to build the best possible NHL game this year to make up for it.

Being rewarded for good play is something we see a lot when watching a hockey game and this year 2K wanted to make sure it's the same way playing their game. A ton of work has been done to make the gameplay more simulation-oriented. The AI has been largely rewritten to reflect these changes. You will be rewarded for moving the puck and playing well. The strategies system has also been reworked..."

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